Trippie Redd – Whats My Name ? [Produced by: ozmusiqe]

Trippie Redd – Whats My Name ? [Produced by: ozmusiqe]

merry bhristmas ! Say my name

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74 Responses

  1. Sourtit Gaming says:

    I think we can all agree he just always drops bangers??‍♂️?

    • Ricon Vih says:

      Sourtit Gaming what the hell ? are you kidding me. I would think anyone that likes this dog shit must like lil pump too ?? fuck no lil boy, I listen to lyricists like Cole, Sean, kdot, jadakiss, nipsey, fuck outta here lil bitch. This nigga really said “say my name” for the whole first minute of this garbage song & y’all call these bangers??? ?? you kids don’t know music for shit

    • Herman Calderon says:

      Ricon Vih If Trippie so garbage like the song, why are you here commenting on a video of Trippie Redd? LMAO ? like go listen to J.Cole and all those artists you mention. Stop hating bro ✋

    • Joe Mannix says:

      He might has well be dropplng shit out his ass.

    • Chris Hansen says:

      fuck no stfu white bitch

    • Chris Hansen says:

      Herman Calderon this song ass bitch

  2. FaXMachine 14 says:

    He barely put any effort into this song

  3. Roberto Samaniego says:

    Im bout to make babies to this joint ??

  4. TheYeezy750Pizza says:

    1:36 looks like u didn’t get a new phone for Christmas

  5. Victor Garcia says:

    Use me as a i was here before a mill button

  6. Chrisshaun Tate says:

    Who else noticed he did the lil Uzi dance ???

  7. Monkayeee says:

    she be saying everybody’s name bruh you ain’t special lol

  8. trippie redx says:

    Why does he keep taking my soul and placing it back over and over❤

  9. Katchin Dubz says:

    The production is crazy on this vid?

  10. RETRO SAUSAKE says:

    This is the type of video for Valentine’s day ?

  11. Dat says:

    what happens if you bite your tongue with that grill

  12. JsMRemi1 says:

    i swear to god imma like this comment

    you swore?‍♂️

  13. CODY BRUNETTE says:

    He’s telling you how big it is in the Thumbnail…..

  14. Young 27 says:

    White room project???? Like if u a real fan!

  15. Cristian says:

    Like if you’re here before this blows up

  16. Oyama Saleni says:

    We all know that he’s singing about teana trump right?

  17. hinrich bühring says:

    “I came on her brain” lmao

    • James Ford says:

      yeah bro thats like intellectual or something

    • Fuck Society says:

      Some random bitch was giving Trippie head and Trippie’s dick was so long that it bent upwards rather than downwards into her throat and when he came the cum went straight into her brain and ended up damaging her brain cells, now I guess you can say she’s… *_fucked in the head_* LOL XD

  18. rip x says:

    trippie:what’s my name?
    old school rappers: chicki chicki slim shady

  19. Dimitrios Kanlis says:

    I have the feeling Trippie is banging his dog.

  20. PsychoPieO says:

    As he bites her neck..trippie Trippie stop .. of course she saying your name bro she bleeding.. you got shark boy whole dental in you mouth ???

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