Triumph’s Censored NBC Jokes – CONAN on TBS

Triumph’s Censored NBC Jokes – CONAN on TBS

Triumph wasn’t allowed to poop on the peacock while on “The Today Show”, but he can let it rip on CONAN.

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20 Responses

  1. Obito Uchiha says:

    dreams lmao what a joke that word is

  2. manicbranic says:

    Awesome. Disrespects everyone. This is true humour.

  3. Shawnda Bagg says:

    I love Triumph. 

  4. SFVone says:

    Podcast LOL!!!!

  5. Name Less says:


  6. Dtrollmancan says:


  7. junkmode says:

    Triumph is probably the only thing that makes me belly laugh every time
    Smigel is a masterclass comedian. 

  8. Ritabrata Majumder says:

    This is the first time that I see Conan so awkward!

  9. Lucy Pericles says:

    Triumph is a master, Jack doesn’t stand a chance of pulling focus ever. 

  10. edward brown says:

    1:44 u can see the man behind the couch

  11. Steve Corona says:


  12. cookiesncream789 says:

    Conan is very uncomfortable…

  13. Xanthius says:

    am I the ONLY one that saw Jack grow a fifth hand for a moment behind his
    chair at 0:14?

  14. reckless adrian says:

    The dog looks like the one from eminem
    Ass like that 

  15. MJDHX says:

    This is my favorite interview!


  16. Sam V says:

    the guy on the grey suit looks like he has pupaphobia.

  17. Davidson Harly says:

    That’s one smart pup

  18. neocon70 says:

    That ANILINGUS scene was hot. Would have been better if the dude who was
    eating her ass was a chick. 

  19. DaRealBoondock says:

    I don’t get it. Is Triumph a real dog or fake?

  20. AJ06 says: