Truck Crashes into a Highway Sign

Truck Crashes into a Highway Sign

Truck Crash into a highway sign in Saudi Arabia – August 16th 2015

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20 Responses

  1. Alexander B says:

    Дебилы, блядь(ц)

  2. Whizadree says:

    why do ppl post 11 seconds of an event you shouldnt stop recording until
    the police arrive

  3. Casey Annis says:

    It’s nice to see the Top Gear guys working on a new show .. ;P

  4. rickonami says:

    This i guess is in Saudi Arabia.

  5. Paula Catlover says:

    The person in the white pickup is an idiot. Can’t he/she see what’s coming?
    I’d want to be way back or on the left.

  6. MrCSRT8 says:

    So did they chop his head off?

  7. Thomas Boneck says:

    mirrors are useless now days. it should literally be impossible to do that.

  8. CrimsonSpectre says:

    Now we need a re-edit of this with the “ALLAHU AHKBAR!” chants when he
    slams into the sign finally.

  9. Raza M says:

    Looks like 7-8year olds are now driving trucks to hasten the floppy
    American economy.

  10. MamoDad says:

    Why are the street signs so low?

  11. Dave LeFevre says:

    dumbass of the day award. No sex from ANY of your wives, tonight bub.

  12. Gaelin Wade says:

    Apparently the guy in the white pickup took the same driving class as the
    truck driver as he didn’t think the trailer in the up position was a
    problem either.

  13. SeventhSwell says:

    Saudi Arabia, huh? Ouch. I wonder which of the driver’s body parts they’ll
    cut off as punishment for this. Maybe he’ll luck out and just get a public

  14. Halil C says:

    Whats everyone complaining about thats the demolition team… The lorry
    wrecks and the pickup catches… Not very well though

  15. morchan844 says:

    Gyaaaaa (;´Д`)

  16. DFKnightmare says:

    This is so awesome

  17. punklelo says:

    People who are making fun of the guy in the white pickup truck, that car
    was speeding right behind the big truck while honking to alarm the truck
    driver. It is not like he wanted to get crushed, he was trying to do good

  18. Royce Guy says:

    The stupidest shit i’ve ever seen in my life ???