True Confessions with John Mulaney and Pete Davidson

True Confessions with John Mulaney and Pete Davidson

John Mulaney, Pete Davidson and Jimmy play a game where they take turns confessing a random fact before interrogating each other to determine who was telling the truth.

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True Confessions with John Mulaney and Pete Davidson


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98 Responses

  1. Arun Sukumar says:

    Chad…The Poolboy

  2. Jenna Cryan says:

    best late night segment .. these 3 need a show together

    • Kevin W says:

      EDIT: okay it just occurred to me, I should make it abundantly clear back up at the top here of the post I just made that I swear to you I’m a real life person, this is not a spam post or anything getting you to click on a nefarious link. It’s for a TV show. And I have great faith if you enjoy Fallon’s bit here, you’ll eventually go crazy for this show. I just always love helping get even more people, especially Americans (like me!) into following this UK series “Would I Lie To You”.

      I very sincerely hope in providing you with this link, I’m giving you the gift that’s truly going to keep on giving. And if this particular collection of guests featured in the episode doesn’t quite strike your fancy, there’s literally only about a hundred other episodes to choose from. 🙂 (either look in your ‘related videos’ section or simply type the name of the show in the YT search bar with another episode number. Enjoy!

    • Nathan Glennie says:

      There’s an entire show in the UK which this segment basically copied. Go watch that

    • Tariq Shaweesh says:

      I agree they are hilarious!

  3. Valeria Talavera says:

    *im so happy to see that pete is doing good, wishing him the best*

  4. Miranda says:

    I didn’t think Pete would ever come back to Jimmy Fallon. ?
    I’m so glad though. Pete is so funny.

  5. Charlotte Stevens says:

    There’s something oddly attractive about Pete. lol ?

  6. The Mavericks says:

    I like the way he said “ a man, your senior “ lol

  7. Jessica D says:

    When all John wanted was the approval of Lorne Michaels an Pete got it at 20 he went through the five stages: disbelief, anger, sadness, approval, then impressed Lol

  8. Jason Potts says:

    John: “I’ve lived a full life, there are many stories.”

  9. shai.loves.tacos says:

    i just love John’s voice ?

  10. Tanya C says:

    John is so surprised by Pete’s truth. He looks flabbergasted until the end.

    • ariya kang says:

      He seems jealous lol it’s adorable

    • WILLY LYNCH says:

      Because he know Pete probably got taken advantage of. In Hollywood they are some freaks and trick out young actors. You would be surprised what a lot of famous people will do to get ahead in the industry.

    • Marj Echevaréz says:

      +WILLY LYNCH Is Lorne Michaels gay?

    • ballsoutballistic says:

      Marj Echevaréz I thought Lorne was married…to a woman. But you don’t have to be gay or unmarried to be a predator

    • M T says:

      +WILLY LYNCH yea man thats what i thought. i think this is petes subtle way of trying to get the truth out. mulaney seems srsly concerned

  11. Adnan A says:

    Pete Davidson is a great comedian

    • The Actual Chief says:

      My dad is a great father. Now if you look closely you can see that the similarities in our comments is that they’re both fucking lies

    • Joshua Frescas says:

      His funniest bit was calling Dan Crenshaw a porno hitman

    • John Doe says:

      Fritz Jackson he has no self respect

    • Adamo Lastero says:

      He got owned by a heckler. Not a standup

    • Mr. O-Town says:

      Fritz Jackson really because I’ve seen people make jokes about Pete’s own father dying in 9/11 right in front of Pete’s face and he didn’t flip out… a heckler and a comedian are two different things. And that asshole who yelled out Mac Miller deserved it considering how the situation really screwed up Pete’s life

  12. SimoneTV SubscribePleaseKThanks says:

    Omg I’m in actual tears… Pete is just a funny person by nature.

    • Petyr says:

      Do you know someone Who is funny by training?

    • SimoneTV SubscribePleaseKThanks says:

      Some people +Petyr are only funny in prop comedy, stand-up, and settings like those. He on the other hand is just funny looking lol. I can se a picture of him and die laughing… so that’s what I mean. K thanks.

  13. lynsie.bear says:

    “Is this L.A?”
    “No, New York”
    That explains it. Lol

  14. SuperMax : Dog Of Steel says:

    the first guy was a pro, he should do this for a living

  15. Actually Madness says:

    I feel like John Mulaney has gone full mentor on Pete Davidson
    Pete is nice and safe under his wing and I like it.

    • Mich V says:

      +Sheryl Smallwood I never knew that about John, what were his troubles? I feel like ive always pictured him so put together.

    • The Sierra SuTM says:

      Mich V in some of his early stand up like The Top Part (which is on youtube) he talked about how he was an alcoholic and he started drinking and smoking at a very early age. he has also done a surprising amount of drugs in his life. he did cocaine the day before college graduation (kid gorgeous) and took mushrooms at a david bowie concert (interview with james corden) but tbh stand up comedians surprisingly do a lot more drugs than you’d think bc its very easy to put off as a joke

    • m says:

      yeah it’s not his job but i hope he’ll make pete less of an asshole

    • Kam S says:

      He’s his 1950’s father figure

    • Sheryl Smallwood says:

      +The Sierra SuTM Yeah pretty much what Sierra said. John has been clean for a while. A lot of people who have had crazy pasts do a 180 in their life. Just goes to show you can never judge a book by it’s cover

  16. SkyreeXScalabar says:

    Just realized they’re all connected through SNL

  17. Scremqueen Supreme says:

    what a mix. john mulaney is lawful good, pete davidson is chaotic evil, and jimmy is true neutral, bordering on neutral evil.

  18. jack mayhoff says:

    how does John Mulaney look like he could be 14 or 52 years old ?

  19. melanie navarro says:

    “ John rich”
    “ who”
    “ big and rich”
    “ it’s country music”
    “ oh” ???

  20. James Stark: Ben Edition says:

    I just realised this is the American version of would I lie to you but with envelope choices to protect against a lawsuit lmao.

    • James Stark: Ben Edition says:

      +BagelsBagels so it isn’t exactly similar. In would I lie to you, there’s only one envelope. Since the game isn’t _exactly_ the same, it can’t be legally claimed as stolen. Since this is more of an adaptation. Different laws.

    • BagelsBagels says:

      +James Stark: Ben Edition Ah, I see. I was thinking it was to protect from getting sued for defamation in case someone mentioned in the envelope didn’t like what they said. Turns out I was completely off target lol

    • James Stark: Ben Edition says:

      +BagelsBagels haha I can see how you made the mistake. It’s fine lol.

    • Prima Murdock says:

      James Stark: Ben Edition – I still don’t get it. Please would care to elaborate?

    • James Stark: Ben Edition says:

      +Prima Murdock which part dont you get exactly?

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