True Facts: BatFishes

True Facts: BatFishes



Alex Brett
Alex inspired this episode with his amazing Batfish footage. He just launched his channel in earnest – go and sub!

Barrett Christie
Barrett shared his knowledge with me, and is an expert on fish husbandry. His spawning footage is very rare and shows that batfish spawn in a similar way to some other anglerfish.

Javi has some really amazing videos on his Vimeo account. There is a pretty amazing aquatic collection over on Vimeo!

Ariane Dimitris
It took me a while to track Ariane down but her longnosed Batfish clip in so good!

LiquidGuru is a pro. Just gets such beautiful views into Aquatic life! His juvenile Orbicular Batfish is so well done.

Raymond Powers
Raymond came through with the feeding footage at the last second. It is very rare to see them eat, especially in captivity!

Thanks also to the NOAA, Barry Peters, Nico Michiels,
and Gilles San Martin for the use of their images.

Additional footage under license from Shutterstock.

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48 Responses

  1. facemite says:

    Let’s just gloss over that one fish is a horrific Spider hybrid nothing to see here

    • drawing spider says:

      I loved that, I hope we get a full video on those soon

    • TheRhuen says:

      If I saw that I’d have thought a portal opened to the fae or demon world and one of their fish swam through.

    • Professor Jörmungandr says:

      @sinkingbugger Yea Sea Robbins are an ass when you are fishing for Fluke or fish in general. It’s not fun to catch them their top fins are thick sharp bone, actual spikes like a pencil. So to remove them from the hook can really hurt and there are tons of them in the water. Most people kill em and use them as bate. I don’t know where else in the world they are but in the waters of Long Island, NY their all over the place. They are bottom feeders.

    • pinkettee says:

      Looks like a fish with prawn legs

    • jay yu says:

      Professor Jörmungandr Cape Cod also has them, but they usually don’t get in the way. One time my dad kept getting monk fish which was kinda weird. I have a pair of sea robin fins in a picture frame because I thought they looked cool

  2. Kylie Starr says:

    “the bottom half of a kangaroo that got flattened by a truck”…you’re a true blue legend to us Aussies, Zefranc 😂

  3. Ian Mahawan says:

    “The bottom half of a kangaroo that was flattened by a truck.”

    What kind of humor have I been watching for years?

  4. R E V O L U T I O N BOI says:


  5. 23rd Bastard Knight says:

    0:46 why does that reminds me of that weird looking flying dog in The Neverending Story ?

  6. genghisconnie says:

    “You have to make sure your mouth isn’t too big for your rectum.”

    Words to live by. Probably also tattoed on someone.

    • Dr. I. B. Safe says:

      That’s the nicest way I’ve ever heard, “Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash.”

    • Beach Girl says:

      genghisconnie, If it wasn’t a tattoo before, it will be now that Ze said it.

  7. Atria Wulf says:

    I love how this show is a parody of most documentaries but at the same time they are actually interested in the animals so they actually get good info and footage

    • recoil53 says:

      If you look at the credits, biologists and such are actually giving him some footage. I’d guess they also give him all the info too.

  8. RedblueRenegade says:


    Me: * True Facts about the Frog flash backs*

  9. Mike Archangel says:

    Who else thought: “FLOOR GANG OUH!”

  10. Luna says:

    “Scientists, you need to stop getting drunk when you name fish.”

    • Corpsie Corpsie says:

      “Little Johhny and Susie both hated school until they learned that scientists who discover animals get to name them. From then on they had a strong mission focus. You see, they both had a strong desire to force the scientific world to document and say, repeatedly horrific references to the Holocaust and the end times after the rapture. They would accomplish this through the naming of a new discovery.”

    • Maza Azi says:

      but then we wouldn’t have Polar bears

  11. Johann Mabao says:

    Zefrank: Even Wendy is pissed off

    I love how he just gives names to these creatures.

  12. Will W. says:

    “Had a good toilet, and weighed herself again. No change. How does that even happen”?
    Some mysteries aren’t ment to be solved.

  13. Mari Lan says:

    4:05 “little dancing bowelrinas” behind the turtles. I almost missed that one!

  14. Clayton Hill says:

    Your therapist: ” The Trypophobifish isn’t real and cannot hurt you.”

    The Trypophobifish: “Put your finger in my armpit holes…. Do it.”

    Fear it. Show your friends. Fear it together.

  15. pengchan40 says:

    When your name is “Matthew,” and you learn what you truly are…

  16. ಶshanಕ್ shash says:

    “They are pissed of because they are called bat fish”
    Batman : I am batman

  17. no1bandfan says:

    “No, I’m not going to slow it down so you can try to spell it, perv.”

    Me: turns on CC.

  18. Saved Account says:

    “if you’re just following someone around and eating their crap all , you need to get out of that relationship. you’re better than that.” that was deep🥺

  19. savannah lauren says:

    “If you’re just following someone around and eating their crap all day, you get out of that relationship!” Honestly that’s very good advice

  20. Dr. I. B. Safe says:

    The revised accepted vernacular will henceforth be “batfish crazy”.

    That is all.

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