True Facts: Cats’ Killer Senses

True Facts: Cats’ Killer Senses

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Thank you to Dr. Alexis Noel at for allowing me to show her work. Click on the link to see other remarkable work that Dr. Noel has done! Her work on the cat tongue led to work on a better hairbrush!

Sweet receptors:
Pupil shapes:


Footage used under license from:
Envato Elements

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97 Responses

  1. Igknight2019 says:

    ZeFrank gives us humor during quarantine. This is how the ZeFrank do.

  2. The Official Miss Clarke says:

    Cat watches mouse run around it.
    Cat: Fate has dealt you a good card sir. Also I cannot be bothered to chase today.
    Mouse: 🤨

  3. Laughing At the Sky says:

    “You take my DingDongs away and I’d go a little crazy too”

    -Zefrank (2020)

    • Ned Innis says:

      @ninthRing Maybe he likes the texture or oil.

    • neuralmute says:

      Explain my cat who prefers specific fruit flavours of frozen yogurt!

    • Chaos89P says:

      I know of a cat who loved marshmallows.

    • Jay Sea says:

      @ninthRing haha, annoying but what a great story

    • ninthRing says:

      @Chaos89P Mine just chews them up, drools a lot & spits them out in irritating locations.
      (I jump in the shower before work to learn that someone left a sticky present on my pillow & now it’s in my hair… I couldn’t remove it all in time, so ended up having to hack out a chunk of hair.
      Cats: _Can’t live with them, can’t locate a taxidermist who does house calls…_ ; )~ )

  4. TechnoKat Lord of all cats says:

    ZeFrank is secretly all our favorite uncle who sneaks us the good stuff when the other adults aren’t looking.

  5. Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun says:

    Yet Lions and Tigers would still sit in a Cardboard box like domesticated cats

    • Daniel Kim says:

      Unfortunately, nature already tried that. Before the dinosaurs, cockroaches were the size of shoeboxes, spiders and scorpions were as big as cats, dragonflies were the size of seagulls, and millipedes were as long as buses. You would not want to live during that time. Not because of the spiders, but because the thought of giant cockroaches makes me want to commit cockroach genocide.

    • clray123 says:

      Cats must be thinking the same about people and their metal boxes on wheels.

    • loki2240 says:

      @Daniel Kim- You could ride the millibuses to work.

    • YEs says:

      @Daniel Kim I think a bigger problem would be dealing with the constant storms and forest fires. Remember: lots of oxygen.

    • Gregory Everson says:

      @Caribeancrysis spiders? as long as there are women screaming about a spider, there will be a man around to kill it

  6. Lauren Smith says:

    “It’s like the internet, except communicated by pissing all over stuff. It’s basically the internet.”

    This is the kind of scientific detail that keeps me coming back.

  7. Pugsabi says:

    🎶”I’m drinking beeeer from a bucket in the da-ark…”🎶

  8. Addin Naufal says:

    Actually learned something from this, I thought my cat was dumb because he can’t find the water that’s infront of him.

    I guess that’s a feature..

    • Bengt Bagels says:

      @This_is_a_Conundrum That will end up with a possibly high water bill. We once had a cat like that. We bought a continuous flow water …contraption?
      But later, upgraded to a water flow item that was even easier to use that only flowed when the cats collar got near it. Was about 25 bucks. The battery lasted forever nd the water was sucked back i to the enclosed reservoir. The cat loved it. Made little mess of it, and after the one time purchase of 25 bucks… then it was just a few times a year we replaced the batteries. And then a few times a month we cleaned it all out. It seemed fine… but I just figured it should be cleaned out properly. Once a week or every 2 weeks, even tho it didn’t say this was necessary. Oh it did have a water filtration pouch… but we used the same we used on Keurig machines. After we no longer needed it it, we passed it onto another cat owner and they are still using it.

    • Bengt Bagels says:

      @This_is_a_Conundrum listen to @gentlechaos

    • This_is_a_Conundrum says:

      @gentlechaos He will not drink from any container of ANY kind. I have no water bill since I have my own underground well in the backyard. No city water, no water bill. The filtration system cost me a small fortune, but it’s paid for itself at this point. The water tastes so good, I don’t think I’ll ever move. Seriously though, I’ve stopped buying bottled water and the filtration upkeep and testing doesn’t cost much.

    • Triairius says:

      I literally thought this too! My poor cat sticks his nose in the water by accident all the time.

    • Dannie Ortega says:

      I put ice on my cats bowl so it will be cool but now she demands it and only licks the ice. Doesn’t help she only has one eye

  9. HYDRA DYNAMIC says:

    Finally, someone is sponsoring this great man….ZeFrank!

  10. D D says:

    Et Al is the best scientist, he’s on all the papers

  11. 171QA says:

    I learned more about cat tongues than I expected to today.

    • T.C. Bramblett says:

      The tongue comb!

    • Boof says:

      Next cat vid will cover the other opening.

    • Hotpoint Hoodlum says:

      They make your balls smooth as 🥚….

    • mozkito life says:

      I was impressed by the detail. It’s like all those Dunning-Kruger effect people who think they know everything about a topic until you actually deep dive into it. There’s stuff there I had no idea about. All I knew was that their tongues were good for cleaning themselves.

    • TheOneTrueEfrate says:

      But surprisingly no facts about barbed cat penises. Missed opportunity. Someone other than Jerry must be writing.

  12. Anarchon D says:

    Man, that Et Al person sure gets around.

  13. Azuros Lazuli says:

    “It looks like a little pimple. I kinda wanna pop it.”

    *ZeFrank NO*

  14. Anthony Provenzano says:

    ….. wait. my cat wasn’t grooming me when he licked my skin raw, he was eating me?

  15. Tanner Wade says:

    Zefrank’s voice is the only reason I’ll sit through a sponsor reading.

    • chez moi says:

      IKR? I’d sit through the Peoria phone book if he were reading.

    • Amanda Geyer says:

      Yup. On 95% of the other channels I subscribe to, the sponsored readings get right-arrow’d through. The ZeFrank narrative is worth listening to, regardless of what’s being presented.

    • Corey Leach says:

      The voice and his interesting and funny commentary. This man can literally make even ‘reading the news’ sound funny.

    • Cat On Fire says:

      *Y E S👏*

  16. Anna K says:

    This is Ze’s way of letting certain people know: YOUR CAT IS A CARNIVORE, DO NOT FORCE IT TO BE VEGETARIAN!!!!!

    • Billy Dean says:

      @Anna Marie Any source on this? Re: digestion?

    • Emma O says:

      @Journey Rivenburgh Advising people to stop fat shaming their cat seems like an odd conclusion to reach, why not advise them to solve the problem entirely and stop overfeeding their cats.

    • Cat On Fire says:

      What if my cat preferd to eat pasta?

    • Josh Sherwood says:

      @Dr. M. H. Did you miss the part in their original comment that said literally exactly that?

    • Jen Vegas says:

      @clray123 You’re half right. Taurine can be synthesized. _Most_ of the other amino acids cats need can be synthesized.

      That’s not the problem, though. The problem is that we’re dealing with a very short and inefficient digestive system relative to body weight. It’s an incredibly specialized system, almost the same way pandas are a specialized system.

      Felines are the planet’s only true carnivorous mammals, and their digestive system works differently than ours does. As the video said, they can process and digest amounts of fat (and cholesterol, and sodium, and calcium, and a whole bunch of other things) that would kill us before 30 if we tried (of course, all relative to body weight. We’re larger than house cats, so what we consider a small amount of sodium is a lot for their systems).

      However, because their system is so much shorter and so much more inefficient, literally all plasma and blood tests done in clinical trials and experiments with cats have shown that our synthesized products, which our own bodies can process just fine, are passing untouched all the way through cats’ bodies.

      This is an issue that zoos, wildlife reserves, nature preserves, etc. have been researching for years and years. If synthetic amino acids and nutrients were remotely viable options, it would cut the cost of feeding large cats by a hefty amount, and allow for more exact nutrition monitoring in aging or ill cats.

      But we aren’t there yet. And further, just as their inability to taste sweet is irreversible, so is this specialization of their digestive system. We can’t undo it or breed them to tolerate omnivore diets over time. At our current level of science and technology, it’s utterly impossible.

      Cats cannot thrive on vegan/vegetarian diets. Worst case scenario, it’ll kill them painfully in 6 months. Best case scenario, it’ll shorten their lifespan by a few years.

      Humans can thrive and be completely healthy on a vegan/vegetarian diet. Cats cannot.

  17. Nathan Kunz says:

    Can we get a vid on clams to findout what zefrank has against clams

  18. Nathan Telles-Langdon says:

    We most definitely need the rest of the “Beer from a bucket in the dark” song. It shows promise 🙂

  19. KT Peterson says:

    “Martin Banks…and Et Al, who’s like the best scientist. He’s on all the papers.”

    How do you just say this like it’s not the best thing ever said 🤣

  20. Abyssal Voyager says:

    I am honestly shocked that cats having barbed penises wasn’t even brought up once.

    • ScionStorm says:

      Maybe there’s a part 2? This one is about cat senses.

    • L.E. B. says:

      But if it really is about cat senses – then what about the sensation of a barbed cat penis?

      I see myself out, thank you.

    • oldedude51 says:

      Virtually every night, I listen to the sounds of female cats singing the praises of “barbed cat penises”. The sound is… mellifluous. About what you would expect from a female enjoying the repeated thrusts of a barbed penis.

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