Trump and Abe dump fish food into precious koi pond

Trump and Abe dump fish food into precious koi pond

Donald Trump and the Japanese prime minister, Shinzō Abe, feed fish on the second day of the US president’s five-nation tour of Asia. Standing beside a pond brimming with colourful koi in the Akasaka palace in Tokyo, the two men upended their wooden containers and dumped the entire contents of fish food into the pond Fishy business: Trump and Abe dump fish food into precious koi pond
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32 Responses

  1. Jay K says:

    I hate trump but there’s literally nothing wrong with him doing this

  2. Jaime G. says:

    Just by doing that ……has done more than Obama.

  3. Serendipity 。 says:

    So why is this trending?

  4. Bret H says:

    Those fish are swimming in Liberal tears

  5. llxSKYWALKERxll CSGO says:

    Why… why is this trending?

    • lil fuckboy says:

      llxSKYWALKERxll CSGO because a lot of people watched it in a short span of time, that’s how the trending section works

    • Nhan Le says:

      Actually YouTube picks what goes on trending

    • Mulinaster says:

      CSGO kid did not study mathematics and algorithms in high school and thinks an evil man in a Youtube basement is controlling everything with a magic wand. Tragic.

    • Justjay114 says:

      llxSKYWALKERxll CSGO because Liberals are more infatuated with the president than Republicans are.

    • bruceonline says:

      They’re just covering their tracks.. late last night, this video was selectively edited to make Trump appear to be impatient, and disregarding the lives of Koi fish by over feeding them. Basically they edited out Abe dumping his box first.

  6. Brother Mike says:

    “Look, he’s feeding fish, what a monster”

  7. MarandaTheVamp says:

    That one guy clapping

  8. Abdi Osman says:

    Even though I think he is a clown, I would have done the same thing!

  9. JP says:

    38K views on trending? This doesn’t make se- Oh wait it’s Trump, of course they’ll put this on trending.

  10. Young says:



  11. KawaiiCat says:

    414 likes, 199 dislikes. #9 on trending. You get the point.

  12. Shark Tank Showcase says:

    Media be like Russians are responsible for Abe dumping the fish food first.

  13. Justin Harrison says:

    Trump was showing what it’s going to look like when our bombers fly over North Korea.

  14. Justjay114 says:

    Trump is a better feeder than a bot lane in League of Legends.

  15. Flube Smith says:

    A desperate attempt by CNN to keep their ‘base’ stupid

  16. MynameaChef says:

    Okay cool, but what is the significance of this event?

  17. TheDandyWizard says:

    Oh Abe you sure wanted to meet with this guy?

  18. Ravenous Fallen says:

    Surprised Trump didn’t tell the fish to get a job and keep the fish food for himself.

  19. tbjdragons says:

    I see Abe laughing at the end. If this were so serious, I think Abe would’ve been angry or offended by it but he appears to be amused by it. I see Trump having a good sense of humor with the situation.

  20. SuperBald Guy says:

    *Legend Has It* That The Fish Would’ve Rather Killed Themselvs Instead of Getting Fed By Trump

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