Trump Attacks the Press, Gets Mocked by Sweden: A Closer Look

Trump Attacks the Press, Gets Mocked by Sweden: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Trump hitting the 2020 campaign trail, attacking the press and Sweden’s reaction to his false claim of a terrorist attack.
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Trump Attacks the Press, Gets Mocked by Sweden: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. James Kyle says:

    Trump needs to find a hobby that is better than ruining people’s lives

  2. Unknown To The World says:

    Wait trump says “fake news” ….. doesn’t he like reporting this news like the fake Sweden event

  3. Cami H says:

    Trump’s Press Conference was 77 minutes of him bítçhing and talking out of his aśs. Everytime he opened his mouth, you could feel the level of intelligence in that room dropping.

  4. Johanna Hjortstad says:

    I’ve never been so early on a video! Also, Greetings from Sweden. God have Mercy on us all,what with you electing this mumified foreskin with cotton candy hair as your POTUS.

  5. jc jones says:

    We can make America great again by deporting one person “Trump”

  6. JupiterMoon says:

    Sweden, a peaceful and neutral country and you managed to screw up relationships even with them, Donnie.

  7. Vee King says:


  8. Peter Gutenberger says:

    This administration is genuinely a mess.

  9. Laura Jayy says:

    It’s like a cult

  10. Kayvan F. says:

    Was never really a Seth Meyers fan going back to the SNL days, but man is he killing it with this Trump stuff ? I am now officially a fan

  11. Michael Ramon says:

    People of Sweden, the majority of Americans stand with you. We ALSO have no idea what he’s talking about.

  12. Henry Albrecht says:


  13. Lorna Ginette Harrison says:

    Is it usual for a new US President to carry on throwing presidential campaign rallies MONTHS after they were elected, & just a few weeks since their inauguration?
    I’m from the UK, so maybe any Americans out there can let me know if that’s normal behaviour. It’s almost like he was fed-up with, as he would refer to it, all the negative “fake” news about him – or as anybody else would call it, “THE NEWS.”
    It seems he’s been missing all the blind adoration he received from his Trumpets during the 2016 rallies SO MUCH that he needed a concentrated hit of adulation to counteract any of the justified criticism he’s faced since taking office. So to satiate his narcissistic, all-consuming need for constant positive validation, he threw himself a pity-party (‘post-inauguration rally’) in Florida, to bathe in the concentrated, undiluted admiration of his unquestioning, die-hard followers. Just wondering!

  14. MidnightLucario1 says:

    Trump: We will not let the fake news tell us what to do or what to believe. So Instead I’ll shall be doing that, now cheer like you don’t think that doesn’t sound right.

    Trump supporters: Best president ever!

  15. Timg95 says:

    “Of course, meatloaf was just a 2nd course for Chris Chistie after Trump made him swallow his pride.”

    I do believe the entree was Trump’s dick.

  16. Tony Stark says:

    ” A star is born. ”

    You know Trump is from reality TV when he is hosting the X-Factor on a rally.

  17. Shawn Wesley says:

    Dear World, I want you to understand than *many* of us Americans are not okay with Doofus Trump (most of the comments in his favor are paid trolls with a few being gullible folks repeating what a paid troll said). We’re working on solving the problem, without breaking the laws we already have (otherwise it would just give his attempt at dictatorship an impact). By all means feel free to mock the “man”, his lackeys, his undying love for Putin, and all that he says and does. And be on guard against him, never trust him.

    Personally, I think Sweden is a pretty fantastic country–most if not all of the nordic countries seem to be great. If I had the means I might try to relocate there, but honestly it seems wrong to abandon the fight here. Whatever the cost, a proud citizen should never give in to an authoritarian attempting to seize power and assert his tyranny.

  18. Avenger says:

    Is donald aware that he’s breaking the law every time he deletes a tweet?

  19. Autumn Phillips says:

    Hey Seth, maybe you could remark on how *not only* did that “Make America Great Again” photo have only white people – it also had *12 MEN AND ONLY 1 WOMAN*… Women are literally HALF of the population: 50%. There is an EQUAL amount of men and women – there SHOULD be an EQUAL amount of men and women in *positions of government*.

  20. Dare - wait for it - Devil says:

    The US is getting roasted by EVERY country now, Seth. This morning in Belgium newspapers there was an article about how the Trump administration keeps contradicting itself. I don’t know how Americans can figure out what the White House is up to. What a mess.

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