Trump Faces the Fallout from Firing James Comey: A Closer Look

Trump Faces the Fallout from Firing James Comey: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump’s sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey, the man investigating POTUS’s ties to Russia during the campaign.
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Trump Faces the Fallout from Firing James Comey: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Trump’s been doing so much firing, ISIS wants to recruit him.

  2. Richard Avery says:

    trump is a flaming dumpster fire with bad hair

  3. Little Miss Sunshine says:

    Seth you’re amazing and hilarious thank you for putting a smile on my face in these scary times <3

  4. el hombre más buscado says:

    Trump is making america worst he is fucking idiot i hope they impeach him for good he is not my president that dumb ass he won the presidential election cause the president of Russia help him

  5. Kenny Hartley says:

    Seth Meyers is on fire these days

  6. JasonDS64 says:

    “Thanks for helping me win the election! Now clean out your disk.”

    Classic 45.

  7. Save the USA says:

    Every single idiot who voted for 45 should be shot out in space, you are no longer needed in the United Sates. I cant wait till the orange fat ass out on his fat ass.

  8. Erin McHugh says:

    Trump’s firing of him seems a little fishy, it smells, a smelly smell, a smell that smells, smelly

  9. Ber Baby says:

    Is this really the Country I grew up in… WTF IS REALLY GOING ON. It smells not like a swamp, but a pig farm. Are we gonna allow all this to happen. Who is gonna stop this piece of ? man they call president. WOW! But then again Trump did say he can shoot someone in the middle of the street and nobody would care.. But who am I kidding now you can’t even laugh or we’ll get arrested.. The press is getting arrested for asking questions.. BUT REALLY WTF IS REALLY GOING ON.

  10. WanderingTaoist101 says:

    Oh look a would be dictator is acting like one. It’s Watergate all over again. The Traitor will not last until next year.

  11. Satoshi Matrix says:

    CNN really needs to stop interviewing Conway.

  12. Jackson L says:

    The eyeroll is how I feel everyday I wake up and remember we still have a cheeto that wears a chinchilla as a president.

  13. Flintstoned says:

    Damn, I never realized Comey was so tall. Maybe that’s why he was fired. Trump didn’t like looking up to him.

  14. Matthew Beard says:

    This is how authoritarian regimes get started.

  15. Deebo Molina says:

    Soon news reporters will start having *random* car accidents

  16. Dart Jack says:

    Fakes news! We are winning in the hundreds. In the thousands. Maybe even in the millions. Comey is a communist, a nazi and a atheist. Hillary did horrible emails. Just horrible. Also a pedophile that runs a sex ring underground. We all know Alex Jones and Fox news is real news. We are winning too much. Great Healthcare other known as trumpcare. Poor socialists can finally die. Obama care disaster. We are winning. And by the way, how did I do? Do I sound like a trumptard?

  17. Roxanne Herson says:

    Trump is a complete hypocrite in so many ways. Conway lies for him. Spicer lies for him. What will it take for Paul Ryan and the GOP to have the balls to end this silliness? Who is capable of challenging Trump and the extended family of using and abusing the White House?

  18. Sam says:

    Why is Trump shitting all over America?

  19. IneedMONEY says:

    Trump supporters, you morons are running out of excuses

  20. Garden-Variety Google User says:

    It sickens me to hear from his supporters that this action is a show of strength from trump. No, morons – it’s a show of GUILT.

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