“TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT” — A Bad Lip Reading

“TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT” — A Bad Lip Reading

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un bond in Singapore…
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56 Responses

  1. Nilton says:

    We’re going to have fritadasss *burb*

  2. I'm lost, please help. says:

    That gasp at 0:40! 🤣💀

  3. Phantom Airsoft says:

    Look at the little tiny zucchini

  4. AeoniumRed says:

    Bad Grunt Reading lol

  5. SlavjanA says:

    “We’re going to have FRITATTAS”

  6. Harshil Patel says:

    OMG. I was freaking waiting for this.. ‘I said dude.’ 😂

  7. Trouble says:

    To be honest who doesn’t want a sheep named Glen?

  8. BilimBilin says:

    “Yeah.. dude, like whatever.. text me… NAILED IT!!”

  9. Elad Lavi says:

    Heaven is full of videos like these

  10. MrRiggyRiggs says:

    Was waiting for this!

  11. ScarlettP says:

    I think I shoulda hit the… nevermind

  12. Hunter Beatty says:

    This probably similar to how awkward it was in real life 😂

  13. anna g smith says:

    *”kruwww kruwww”*
    “and that is the dove , the dove of ishmael”

  14. The Comps says:

    This aint a bad lip reading. This is what he was actually saying lmfao

  15. TheVoice OfTruth says:

    I like how Kim Jong Un was sweating when Donald Trump was talking about his diary.

  16. DiscoFalcon says:

    That gasp When Trump mentions that he’s been reading the diary… Priceless.

  17. DeadKoby says:

    Good job. Regardless of your opinion on the President, or candidates, we can all have a laugh with a bad lip reading.

  18. Eli Southern says:

    Tim & Krump

  19. Average Steve says:

    Politics seem fun.

  20. anna g smith says:

    1:12 – 1:27 the noises makes me highly uncomfortable😂

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