Trump Mocks Christie To Make A Point

Trump Mocks Christie To Make A Point

Vienna, OH 3/14/2016

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19 Responses

  1. UltraAtomic says:

    Ooo i just laugh that come election day, when it comes down to it. Who ever
    wins the Democratic nominee. Will win this election in a land slide. Tooo
    many people are protesting at his rally’s. I know for sure he’s going to
    lose the African and Hispanic vote. Brunie or Hilary 2017! Drumpf! Sent
    back to Willy Wonkas chocolate factory! 2017

  2. TheMexitalian says:


  3. SplitSecond Channel says:

    1_Go youtube,search for Donald Trump feat MoonMan official video clip 2016.

    2_WTF is this video :V

    3_Enjoy .

  4. Zafer Atakan says:


  5. Gabe Sloan says:

    And Christie fucking nods along like the Fatass bitch that he is.

  6. __HeleneSørensen __ says:

    i hope he wins and shuts up all the haters

  7. 1zombie4v says:

    Chris christy should just kill himself at this point . Let that be a
    warning to all you who make a deal with the devil

  8. Hughe M. says:

    Negative cucks stop whining,Trump is just having fun,n by the way Kasich is
    the Target!


    Dislike the video if you hate Trump!

  10. MiddleClass SeaBass says:

    It’s a friendly jab, damn you guys are shallow people to criticize Trump
    for this.

  11. Jaime Anguiano says:

    Donald trump admits is going paid the wall because Donald trump having a
    lot money paid the wall Mexicans government said Donald trump going paid
    the wall because Donald trump is man who has been

  12. Splitty Nitty says:


  13. Matthijs Peters says:

    Good Leadershir. What’s up, guyv. copy rambunctious What’s your opinion
    about thft !

  14. damien grant says:

    At this point, its not even funny anymore. Donald Trump is just and old
    white guy that acts stupid to gain attention, and sadly that will most
    likely carry him to presidency.

  15. TeabaggersSUCK1 says:

    What a DOUCEBAG

  16. Kanwar Singh says:

    fuk trump …

  17. ronan says:

    christie the type of person who gets made fun of and then ends up endorsing

  18. Gün Gün says:


  19. Daniel “Elijah” Maximoff says:

    I’ve otherwise refrained myself from making much political commentary on
    Social Media because at the end of the day, posts don’t matter– votes do.
    Imbecile. Donald Trump is a sorry excuse for a man; and all his ignorant
    “followers” are twice as troubling. A new low in American politics, I