Trump People’s Court – SNL

Trump People’s Court – SNL

It’s President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) versus the Ninth Circuit Court judges (Kyle Mooney, Vanessa Bayer, Pete Davidson) on a new People’s Court.

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19 Responses

  1. PUJ - Positivity l Understanding l Justice says:

    Alec Baldwin IS KILLINNNGG IT

    Thanks to him and SNL we are surviving the trump era….

  2. SpiderFromMars says:

    Satire is going to bring down this so-called presidency. Keep it up, guys!

  3. Melissa Williams-Cottrell says:

    I want one day without a CNN alert that doesn’t scare the Hell out of me!
    SNL – The gift that keeps on giving!????

  4. BigMAC says:

    This is a disgustingly accurate example of how this presidency should have
    gone thus far….

  5. Sane Randy says:

    The Spicer sketches with Melissa Mccarthy are genuinely funny, but the
    Trump sketches always come off as biased hit jobs.

  6. DamnthisJail AndDamnThatWitness says:

    Poor Trump supporting snowflakes. It must be hard being so offended all the
    time. T_T

  7. D. Solomon says:

    who is the actor playing the judge milian?

  8. Moshe Atencio Ben ABBA Ben ABBA says:

    Putin’s Bitch Trump is pissing on the grave’s of all the BRAVE Americans
    that fought and died for Our Constitution and Country.

  9. Soul says:

    Like it or not Trump is our president, and it’s good for our county to turn
    that position into a living joke…

    I know you can turn it around and say Trumps the one who’s turned it into a
    joke, but that’s not completely true, I’ve seen these comedians rip on
    Trump for doing the exact same thing previous presidents have done/said
    including Obama just because it’s Trump now… “example Noah from I think
    comedy central ripped on Trump for a hiring freeze which is something most
    presidents do, and this ‘Muslim ban’ is based off a list Obama created
    listing high threat terrorist nations” I can easily list more.

  10. Jay Kay says:

    ? Thumbs Up if you think Donald Trump won’t last four Years!!!

  11. Tom Olby says:

    SNL never once did satire against Obama for 8 years.

  12. Jones Smith says:

    Trump is the best thing for SNL in years and the worst thing for America in

  13. Michael Parker says:

    Trump is going to throw another daily tantrum after this, and President
    Bannon will have to change his diaper.

  14. Finlandia Sanders says:

    Somebody PLEASE help me understand why Putin’s character never have a shirt
    on???And what’s up with the skeleton faced person in the background…

  15. Guy Montag says:

    9th Circuit – the most overturned court in the land. a shocking 86% of
    their libtard decisions. They need to be broken up or completely disbanded.
    Unelected sjw judges should loss their license.

  16. Joesspell says:

    This is like the 800th trump skit

  17. coffeefish says:

    SNL sucks ass…

  18. Eliza Turrill says:

    This is the best stuff SNL has ever done. At least we have this to keep us
    going through this truly terrifying time.

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