Trump Pushes Executive Orders and Tax Cuts: A Closer Look

Trump Pushes Executive Orders and Tax Cuts: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump’s new plan to cut taxes on corporations.
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Trump Pushes Executive Orders and Tax Cuts: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Dave SOLEMI says:

    Trump has signed more executive orders than any president in history. Hypocritical of him because he criticized obama for that

    Edit(in his first 100 days )

  2. Get Rekt says:

    The mental gymnastics Trump supporters do is amazing. Trump still rewards companies who ship jobs overseas with federal contracts, despite his main campaign promise. Nah, that’s fake news. The other day Trump backed down from funding the border wall, again breaking a campaign promise. Still fake news. What about when his disastrous health care bill collapsed? Fake news. But when he does something even remotely reasonable, it’s tremendous, Trump is the best president ever, and they are tired of winning.

  3. Peter Wong says:

    Watching Donald Trump be President is like watching a little kid play pretend with an oversized suit….

  4. wearesibz says:

    The law of Trump. For every Trump claim there is an equal and opposite Trump clip. I love Seth for saying this

  5. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Chris Christie is so fat, Trump should just glue him to the Mexican border to cut costs.

  6. Sheyla says:

    Trump is a fucking joke

  7. says:

    Worst president ever

  8. Craig Zyrgle says:



  9. DPowered Smith says:

    How does a trump supporter hear trump speak then hear a recording of him saying the opposite of what they liked him for and still look down on everyone for calling out his bull

  10. vincentvangogodancer says:

    For everything that Trump says now, there’s a video of him saying the exact opposite thing. He’s consistent in being a hypocrite.

  11. Sir Mo says:

    That German woman roasted that plastic daughter!

  12. Pexport llc says:

    “Start signing them like butter” He is so stupid he cant even formulate a sentence… trump makes Bush look like a genius…

  13. MacMurrough the Meticulous says:

    the German interviewer was tougher on Ivanka Trump in those two clips than the majority of the American interviews she normally gets.

  14. Alex Hutcheson says:

    That German moderator is now one of my favorite people on this Earth. Through the entire campaign trail, every candidate was thrown softball questions and got away with never answering anything specific. This moderator was a nice change of pace

  15. Bill says:

    yea that german woman really shows up america’s mainstream media. She made them look like propaganda by simple asking basic questions that should hv been asked.

  16. Lemeres says:

    at this point, i would not be surprised if trump’s birth certificate was fake

  17. dgrichmondbc says:

    My condolences to America for having a lying buffoon as a president.

  18. Noah Anderson says:

    That trump clip about his executive orders is so perfectly hypocritical it’s hard to comprehend

  19. Ashek VB says:

    “For every Trump action, there is an equal and opposite Trump clip.”
    Made my day!!

  20. the_dead_poet says:

    woah, that German journalist…

    quality of journalism is directly proportional to the IQ of the leader of the country
    Angela Merkel is a former research scientist with a doctorate in physical chemistry. Donny on the other hand… ?

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