Trump Says Voter Fraud. Stephen Says Bull.

Trump Says Voter Fraud. Stephen Says Bull.

Stephen looks into President Trump’s claim that three to five million people voted illegally and runs the numbers for himself.

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20 Responses

  1. Cami Hauskins says:

    Welcome, my fellow Americans, to the end of Democracy

  2. Noel L says:

    Trump is an actual racoon.

  3. Choo Choo MotherTrucker says:

    What kind of stupid face is Trump making??? Probably his own version of a

  4. NewhamMatt says:

    Trust Bill O’Reilly to provide the voice of reason and common sense…hang
    on what…

  5. David Connolly says:

    Somethings fucky when Bill O’Reilly seems reasonable

  6. Ibrahim Mohiuddin says:

    You know America is screwed when Bill O Riley sounds like an extremely
    reasonable person…. petrol heads follow my insta @ibrahimee46

  7. Mikhail Kalashnikov says:

    All things considered – the way Trump ran his campaign and his relationship
    with the Clintons… I swear Trump is calling for voter fraud allegations
    to delegitimize his presidency so he can just go back to hosting The

    I have the greatest suspicion this man just wanted the publicity but not
    the presidency. That facial expression on his face was not the face of a
    man who truly wanted to be president…

  8. Michael Kao says:

    Also Trump’s tweet about every negative poll being fake news… If you
    can’t see what the hell he’s doing, then you’re hopeless.

  9. fidorover says:

    “And while we’re on the subject of fraud, the New England Patriots actually
    won the Super Bowl by 143 points. But the dishonest referees, who were
    clearly in the tank for Hillary, er the Falcons, refused to award the
    Patriots any of those points. I saw it myself — just like I saw all those
    people in New Jersey celebrating on 9/11 — I saw all those uncounted
    touchdowns myself, including the one where Bill Belichick put himself into
    the game and threw a pass to himself for 19 points — a little known scoring
    situation I heard about on Alex Jones. The point is, the dishonest media
    refused to air any of those extra scores, just like they refuse to talk
    about all the terrorist attacks happening… like the one in Bowling Green —
    one of the worst ever. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to call the CIA and
    see how they’re doing with my request to whack Melissa McCarthy for that
    SNL hit job on my press secretary — I forget his name, but he looks like
    one of the Keebler Elves wearing his dad’s suit. Okay, nighty night. *(forgets
    to hang up phone)* Now, where did I leave that bathrobe I stole from the
    — *President Donald J. Trump*

  10. Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage says:

    Trump’s voter fraud investigation will be the biggest false flag operation
    in US history. Surprised that no conspiracy theorist is talking about this.
    Guess it takes a real conspiracy theorist to neglect the real conspiracies.

  11. Dylan Stone says:

    guy whose name is 60% G

  12. Namida says:

    wtf, he looks like 70 yrs orange panda

  13. Cryptic 90 says:

    we have the dumbest President in the world

  14. John Besa says:

    This is how dictators are made. Tiny baby step at a time.

  15. Krombopulos Michael says:

    It’s not even well crafted bullshit. Donald says “this guy named Gregg says
    I’m right so that proves it” and Gregg says “the president believes me so I
    must be right”. Meanwhile neither have any evidence at all, just active

  16. borot man says:

    Eh, let him look into voter fraud. While we’re at it, why not also look
    into voter remorse?

  17. the_dead_poet says:

    *The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he
    didn’t exist.*
    I can’t decide whether he is really dumb or really, really smart.

    he WON the election, elected and sworn-in… and HE STILL TALKS ABOUT
    IT.(despite any evidence of voter fraud.)… maybe he will use this somehow
    in his re-election bid in 2020.

    never forget this man somehow survived Pu$$ygate, tax-return thing,
    insulting races, religion, etc….
    God knows what is going on in that Orange head of his.

  18. Uno G says:

    How much embarrassment can America take? How long will they put up with a
    president that’s a laughing stock?

  19. Mary Hunter says:

    Trump believes he is the most popular president ever. That is why he thinks
    has been voter fraud. How else could he have lost the popular vote?

  20. coc0s says:

    We had the first black president. We did not get the first woman president.
    But we got the first child president!

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