Trump University Truth

Trump University Truth

The facts on Trump University the media and lying politicians choose to ignore. Irresponsible and dishonest.

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20 Responses

  1. Justin DiMatteo says:

    Wants to run the country.
    Claims to only use the best of everything.
    Can’t produce decent sound on a three minute video.

    – Drumpf

  2. Daniel T. Müller says:

    Is that Drumpf?

  3. Matthew Bolan says:

    So whats with the music?

  4. TonyILB says:

    Horrible, Settlement, Huge, Bad, Great, Terrible, Sue, Again

  5. Jacob Caffee says:

    Trump will make America an international joke…

  6. Marcus Cioffi says:


  7. Abdel Malek says:

    Donald *Drumpf* for president !! MAKE *DONALD* *DRUMPF* AGAIN !

  8. David Lesh says:

    poor guy got insulted

  9. Josh Luke says:

    Notice how all the ratings have the same handwriting

  10. Allan St. Onge says:

    Trump not only was given a million dollar loan from his father he and his
    siblings inherited anywhere between 200 to 300 million dollars along with
    prime N.Y real estate Donald later developed and plenty of lucrative

  11. Allan St. Onge says:

    Trump had a clothing line making suits and ties so he set up shop in
    America right? WRONG he set up manufacturing in Mexico to increase his
    profit and undercut American workers pay by offering Mexicans slave labor

  12. tim says:

    Make Donald Drumpf again.
    Fuck America, vote Trump

    Donald Trump is one of the biggest piles of shit there is, a pathetic
    loser, a Yuuge massive pile of lying shit.

  13. WhiteCrowization says:

    You go Trump, make them haters into cowards. Running away trying to get an
    easy dollar. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  14. BuckMarley says:

    Stop getting segregating settlers you bigot

  15. vekiel says:

    For all the money he’s suppose to have, the production value of this video
    is terrible.

  16. Nate Cramer says:

    Rand Paul 2020

  17. Julio Amparo says:

    Trump University is no worst than your average university.

  18. Clan Cannabis says:

    go to the BBB and look at what it says. haha

  19. Zomz Cheezy says:

    Who here really wants to just stick a couple metal bars down Trumps
    throat… I mean he sounds like he already does

  20. Matt Jones says:

    #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain 2016