Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Donald Trump spreads a lot of false information thanks to his daily consumption of morning cable news. If only we could sneak some facts into the president’s media diet.

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20 Responses

  1. Big Head says:

    It’s time to realize that Trump may be suffering from a mental illness

  2. Ringo Brat says:

    it must be exhausting to keep hearing the dumb things Trump says or does
    these days. now I look up at the American journalists for their patience.

  3. Libertarian Guy says:

    Gender is a social construct
    Biological sex is a social construct
    Evolution is a social construct
    Gravity is a social construct
    Physics is a social construct
    Earth is a social construct
    the Solar system is social construct
    the milky way galaxy is a social construct
    the universe is a social construct
    the multiverse is a social construct

  4. Lady Ema Skye says:

    John Oliver should do an episode about terrible The Young Turks are, and
    how much THEY lie.

  5. jacobr9478 says:

    Trump reminds me of that really stupid kid we all knew that would say or do
    anything just to fit in.

  6. kate Ng says:

    I just…something he said really stuck with me, how can he even stand
    there and go “a GDP below 0″…Has this man never learned basic economics?
    He claims that he’s a businessman!

  7. Kyle Stubbs says:

    I live in a town very close to Sandy Hook. Anyone who wants us to believe
    that the shooter or those children were actors is, as I would put it, “all
    cuckoo and no clock”.

  8. xXxMartin96xXx says:

    i really want to like the left wingers but so far all of them ive met were
    very hostile :(

  9. Sam Geuvenen says:

    When he mentioned info wars, I started to think “Hey, wait a second. Isn’t
    that the one run by- ” and then Alex Jones started screaming and I
    immediately thought “YEP, the Human Cringe Meme himself!”

  10. Toy Maker says:

    “We have a president capable of standing in the rain and saying it was a
    sunny day” is the best line of this segment. That alone should scare the
    crap out of Americans.

  11. jonne says:

    Why are the anti-Trump people always on the other end of the stupidity
    spectrum? Both, the right and the left, are fucking dumb. There’s room for
    logic and reasoning on YouTube/media/everywhere but none to be found.

    I blame this on the idea that you need to agree with the SJWs and if you
    don’t you’re a Nazi and a Trump supporter. No room for reasonable
    discussion. Only the two extremes are acceptable.

  12. Dk Kevorkian says:

    I like how a John Oliver clip that doesn’t even pass for comedy trends at
    200k views when they kept Alex Jones and Joe Rogan from the trending page
    after receiving over a million views the first day.

  13. Maurício Rodrigues says:

    What was up with Richard Gere? I didn’t get the reference.

  14. Xiao Hei says:

    My life has been very busy reading news about Trump since his erection.
    And, I am not even an American.

  15. supershinigami1 says:

    And “grap them by the pussy” just means “grab them by their hearts, spend
    time with them and fall in love with each other”.

  16. John Reid (Blockheadgamer) says:

    Oh my god these commercials are incredible! XD

  17. Robert Stuart says:

    The female orgasm. It’s not an #alternativefact!

  18. 633r says:

    American politics is like watching the new game of thrones

  19. Lopez Mario says:

    Obamas certificate IS fake. Its a fact.

  20. zaak186 says:

    john… you need to stop calling these protest a protest because in
    reality… they are all riots destroying stores and banks

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