Trump’s First Solo Press Conference as President: A Closer Look

Trump’s First Solo Press Conference as President: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Trump’s press conference full of false claims, grievances and attacks on the media.
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Trump’s First Solo Press Conference as President: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Get Rekt says:

    Trump supporters seem to want Trump to be a dictator, considering 51% of them think he should be able to overturn judicial decisions he disagrees with. It appears that when Stephen Miller says Trump’s authority is not to be questioned, he is simply voicing the opinion of the majority of Trumpers.

  2. Sierra Rambles A Lot says:

    Trump isn’t even a president he’s a child dressed up in his dads over sized suit playing president

  3. Mrs. Dixon32 says:


  4. Christoffer Mebius says:

    Sweden is laughing at this circus. USA has potential but far from the best country in the world. Please let bright people govern ?

  5. Alexander Baillères says:

    This is really scary. I’m being serious.

  6. Cartman C says:

    Have you people notice that trumpanzees are disappearing. Looks like their finally starting to see the picture.

  7. faith chea says:

    Waiting for Trump supporters to actually defend this shit,? I’ll wait…?☺??

  8. HelloQro says:

    oh america, you are so progressive, you elected the first mentally disabled president in the history of humanity, that is so cute, good for you :), don’t let the haters bring you down.

  9. Adam Greenan says:

    The truly terrifying thing is that trump supporters think that was a good press conference. On one of the live streams of the PC the comments were all like “Trump destroyed the press” “Pres gives ass-whooping to lying media” “trump is so open n transparent unlike obama”

    Just how far down the rabbit hole are these loons??!? How can anyone watch that & not see trump as the deranged, senile, old man he clearly is?

  10. Spencer poore says:

    This is it I am done defending this man. At first I was respectful by saying “President Trump” when I referred to him. I wanted to give him a chance to be president and see if he was capable of unifying the country and perhaps doing some good. This press conference was indefensible. If ANYBODY who worked for me had done such as irresponsible childlike event such as that they would be FIRED on the spot. This is a child running our country and he is putting all of our safety at risk with his emotional immaturity and impulsive thoughtless behavior. Please be impeached soon even if it mean Mike Pence is our president.

  11. Superhero Battles In Real Life says:

    Whether you voted for Trump or not, who else feels like this Presidency is becoming a total disaster?

  12. Mace Cee says:

    This administration proves money can’t buy common fucking sense.

  13. anton chigurh says:

    Trump’s fake news comments are getting as old as Kellyanne Conways face.

  14. DoxRap says:

    President Trump says “I inherited a mess.” The President is the type of guy to enter a tidy room, ransack the place, and then claim it was a disaster before he got there.

  15. Tony Stark says:

    Trump: “Where are you from?”
    Reporter: “BBC”
    Trump: “You are not even black”

  16. greg romero says:

    “the only thing necessary for evil to grow is for goodmen/women to say nothing”.

  17. First Name says:

    it’s scary to know that people actually take Trump seriously

  18. What-If Machine says:

    Seriously, that press conference. What the HELL. It was like my racist grandpa with dementia somehow got out of the nursing home, and then someone gave him a microphone.

  19. Juanita Thomas says:

    Trump has ruined the color orange.

  20. Camilo Santana says:

    he’s drunk. white rural america voted for a senile orangutan.

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