Trump’s “Hamilton” Feud Distracts from Conflicts of Interest: A Closer Look

Trump’s “Hamilton” Feud Distracts from Conflicts of Interest: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump deflecting questions about his foreign business ties and conflicts of interests by picking a fight with a Broadway musical.
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Trump’s “Hamilton” Feud Distracts from Conflicts of Interest: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. TheNashNetwork says:

    Seth is gonna be the John Oliver of Informative News when he takes his
    months long break like he always does. x3

  2. Paper Plate says:

    The KKK has been all over the news and social media lately. Why haven’t
    these people been arrested and put away yet??

  3. David Connolly says:

    You can still get Hamilton resell tickets :)

  4. Speedwagon Best waifu says:

    no one manchild should have all that power

  5. Louis Leifoh says:

    I wonder what all the so called Christians that voted for Trump thinks when
    a man he puts in power says good things about Satan like wtf why aren’t
    they all bitching about that I mean aren’t Christians supp to hate Satan
    and you know try to stop him and not like look up to him.

  6. B Pray says:

    How did Pence get tickets to this play? I hear it’s impossible to get any
    before the spring — and at $500-$1000 a pop!

  7. Stan Buczak says:

    you think Mike Pence got booed off the stage can you imagine if Trump was

  8. AWildNintenerd says:

    god he needs to be impeached

  9. Brenda Cuellar says:

    I’m so very scared. The future is very dark.

  10. K N says:

    May God help us! I love this beautiful country, but we’re doomed for four

  11. M Umo says:

    Twitter fight? No. Hamilton don’t have time for that. Trump is all by
    himself. No fight. Just his typical twitter rant to distract us from what
    he’s really doing.

  12. kenny edwards says:

    Trump is so easily baited it reveals a deep seated insecurity. Probably
    something to do with his shithead old man. Unfortunately, at seventy years
    old, it’s too late for therapy.

  13. Cancun771 says:

    Stop talking about conflict of interest. There is no conflict of interest
    because Trump’s *interest* is to be corrupt and enrich himself.

  14. Steve Haigh says:

    i wonder if Dick Cheney , Darth Vader and Satan are getting jobs in the
    white house?

  15. alice says:

    Well a what a surprise, Trump is a shitty president and a greedy crusty
    ass. Everyone who voted for him can apologize now.

  16. MistDeLoneWolf says:

    This is not enough to open the eyes of his supporters. Though I hate to say
    this, but I think they need to be his victims to simply get a grasp of
    it…. *in Trump’s voice” or maybe not. Who knows.

  17. Lawrence McKeon says:

    Watch out, America! You’re president uses distraction as entertainment.
    Best organize now for next election. You’re opposition will be vigorously
    opposed, à la 1984. God, you’re a self-centred people, to send men to the
    moon and then deny the science of climate change. Smarten up. Lead by

  18. basboosa says:

    that satan quote creeped me out! Oh America..what did u get urself into

  19. jp spalburg says:

    This reminds me again how stupid the Americain people are to vote for this
    buffoon! Well at least 60 million stupid Americans and a bunch of lazy
    idiots who didn’t vote.

  20. Krish D. says:

    Haha this is hilarious. Instead of preparing for the job, he spends his
    weekend watching SNL and tweeting about musicals. Russia and China must be
    having a field day right about now.