Trump’s Response to the Orlando Shooting: A Closer Look

Trump’s Response to the Orlando Shooting: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump’s reaction to the tragedy in Orlando.
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Trump’s Response to the Orlando Shooting: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Jim Foster says:

    way to attempt to remind people your still on TV seth, thought u were
    cancelled in 15’

  2. Tyler Brown says:

    Yeah, all that sober, clear eyed reporting from HUFFINGTON POST and

  3. Lisa Olka says:

    what an ass

  4. xo amela says:

    i loved this. i thought it was very logical and had a lot of backup
    evidence. i think seth meyers does a great job exploiting the truth.

  5. marijumanji says:

    White liberals continue to throw the word “racist” and “bigot” at other
    white people thinking those words have any power left. Ya blew it guys.
    You’ve played that card so frequently and incorrectly that the words have
    lost any meaning they originally had. Seth Meyers is a cheap Fallon ripoff.
    Not even his hand picked audience is laughing that hard at this cringey
    Ellen-lookalike. I hope Seth enjoys this brief emergence from obscurity to
    ride Trump’s nuts. I see cancellation in the near future for this unfunny

  6. J Obamastein says:

    Liberal democrats created the hate of America with their own hate of

    We either take back our country from the liberals or the world will return
    to the dark ages.

    Only a blind, deaf and dumb as hell fool believes Muslims will ever want to
    get along with anyone else.


  7. KrystalD F says:

    None of these late night guys were ever funny.

  8. Jestin Burich says:

    Yep…Political propaganda through entertainment.

  9. Yasmeen k says:

    Trump Is Hitler

  10. Dan Wolfe says:

    This sucks.

  11. KesselRunner606 says:

    Of course Trump is in favour of traditional marriage. He’s done it 3 times.

  12. wizard man says:


  13. Charles Kelley says:

    this dude would not have a show without trump

  14. Billy Bates Jr says:

    Trump for PRESIDENT

  15. Thomas Homewood says:

    warning paid Trump trolls! his campaign pays to have trolls on YouTube and
    social media!

  16. Tl2aV says:

    *How many times do we have to explain that Islam is not race*?

  17. Chris Price says:

    280,000 ppl listened to this b.s.

  18. Naker Phelge says:

    4:15 Cucking hard. And “Rich Prick Monthly”? You know you’re a rich prick,
    right Seth?

  19. Emil Phoryew says:

    We need Ron Paul to fix this country up. The rest of these clowns won’t do.

  20. Mercutio says: