Try Not To Laugh Challenge #46 w/ Gus Johnson

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #46 w/ Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson returns with his brother Sven for another round of Try Not To Laugh! Will we finally get him to break this time?!

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63 Responses

  1. Kat Al says:

    Shayne was close to exploding…

    …he just really wanted to laugh at his own joke

  2. 10k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge says:

    my goal in life: find a girl who laughs at my jokes just as much as shane laughs at his own

  3. 10k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge says:

    Gus literally had tears in his eyes during Shane’s bit.

  4. 10k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge says:

    I feel like Shayne’s sole purpose in this series has become making Gus Johnson laugh
    he is not satisfied until it’s done

    • Doge says:

      10k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge he has laughed he hasnt spat out water

    • memorless says:

      Shayne, after making it his personal goal
      to make Gus Johnson from Wisconsin
      spit out water:

      “so… looking to make Gus laugh, eh?”
      “i’ve seen many a traveller try, none prevail”
      “it’s a Sisyphean nightmare, bro, freakin’ bro”

  5. Lauren Y. says:

    So this is how Shayne’s gonna get away with murder.

  6. Will Magni says:

    If Noah and Gus has a kid it would look like Sven 100%

  7. Ron Josh Ytem says:

    Gus Johnson’s brother looks like he should be Noah Grossman’s brother

  8. Properly Gaming says:

    Honestly the best of Shane comes out when he is trying to break gus

    • Maciej Nenutil says:

      @Truth FACTS also, i quickly checked his twitter, insta and yt and found nothing like that. link or no balls

    • JoeMcDonald2349 says:


    • Meltia says:

      @Truth FACTS Feel like someone took something a little too seriously

    • Bakin Games says:

      Truth FACTS he didn’t necessarily cheat Shane’s bit when for 3 minuets give or take

    • Enders Tenders says:

      Truth FACTS It’s pretty clear Gus is having an aneurysm trying not to laugh, water swallowed or not. At the same time, he could totally be joking about swallowing the water just to get under Shane’s skin.

  9. Erik Schindler says:

    This episode is the Avengers: Endgame of Smosh try not to laugh challenges and Gus is Thanos

  10. Levi Cornell says:

    Gus knows that the second someone makes him laugh they will inherit his entire channel. There has only been one man in history to make Gus Johnson laugh. His name: Gus Johnson.

  11. Michael Roy says:

    I love how everyone, even Gus’ brother, has acknowledged it’s impossible to make Gus laugh and have basically stopped trying…

    … except for Shayne

  12. SUP MASTER Sup dude says:

    I laugh easily- when everybody is quiet I laugh like a moron just fell off a cliff-

  13. PanPanOtaku says:

    I’ve never seen such a dedicated attempt at making Gus laugh.

  14. Byleth_T3H says:

    I’m sorry but how is it that while everyone in the studio is shaking with laughter, Gus be chillin’ like shit ain’t happening? 😂

    • Henry Brent says:

      Byleth_T3H Gus was definitely laughing he just didn’t have enough water in his mouth, if he had more he’d have sprayed it everywhere

  15. Milky Man Films says:

    It doesn’t matter if Gus laughs, he can keep his mouth sealed shut forever

    • memorless says:

      i think they need to shock him
      with something like a “princess diane” style of joke, but … stronger!

  16. Alenna says:

    I can see the pain in Shayne’s eyes when Gus didn’t laugh. poor Shayne 🙁

  17. 4xdblack says:

    Shane’s phenomenal skit aside, Sven killed it for his first episode.

  18. Harley Q says:

    They really need to see if Tommy can make Gus laugh. He’s good at getting the stubborn people.

    • Grace M says:

      Harley Q this deserves more likes

    • Cameren Ray says:

      But Shayne just needs another out of this world but that will finally break Gus. Because we all know Shayne wants to be the first to make Gus laugh

    • Harley Q says:

      @Cameren Ray
      Shayne’s had like 5 chances now to make him laugh. Gus is ready for him because he knows he wants it the most. Tommy is a wild card.

    • 69HeadedHuman says:

      How about Joe Bereta?

    • Harley Q says:

      Joe would be good too, lol. I was just thinking of Tommy because he got Macaulay Culkin with the Beethoven Mom bit, and no one else was able to crack him.

  19. TheSpitfired says:

    We need a try not to laugh where it’s just Damien and Shayne going back and forth at each other – the first one to not laugh wins. That’s a 30 minute video I would gladly watch.

  20. Alyza Handley says:

    why does gus look like a human version of the lorax

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