Try Not to Laugh Challenge with BLACKPINK

Try Not to Laugh Challenge with BLACKPINK

Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé go head-to-head with Jimmy taking turns watching funny internet videos and trying not to laugh. 

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Try Not to Laugh Challenge with BLACKPINK


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58 Responses

  1. Karolina Balčiūnaitė says:

    I don’t see anything funny here like Rosé either🤔🤔

  2. lalisa xv says:

    they all are literally so stunning but can we talk about how stunning jisoo looks here

  3. Ling Sy says:

    Jisoo is so pretty. You can’t take your eyes off her!!!

  4. Tanya's Art Closet says:

    JISOO is not Miss Korea, She should be Miss Universe
    She is so Beautiful…
    Love from India…
    (I’m a Youtuber)

  5. MSY SOE says:

    Jisoo: Miss Universe, YG’s CEO
    Rose: entrepreneur, YG’s vocal coach
    Jennie: fashion entrepreneur, YG’s fashion advisor
    Lisa: Producer & YG’s head trainee

  6. nana jam says:

    jisoo is just sitting there and i’m whipped

  7. megalexantros says:

    Jisoo, Lisa and Jennie: being humans
    Rose: hold my CPU

  8. its strawpie says:

    Jennie trying so hard not to laugh is everything

  9. zeeeyuh says:

    Jisoo,Lisa ,Jennie : lolololololol


  10. R A I D E N says:

    lisa: laighs
    jisoo; laughs alot
    jennie: try’s not but laughs
    rose; how is this funny?

  11. popo shiba says:

    Rosé be like: “If it’s not Jisoo unnie I won’t laugh”

  12. Public Agent says:

    Jisso, lisa and jennie is newbie this game

    Rosé like a pro😁

  13. mark tuan says:

    rosé is literally me lol i didn’t find any of those funny

  14. Amani Gohir says:

    the whole comment section being whipped over Jisoo. As you should

  15. ifeoma ani says:

    Rosé is litterally stunning,how can someone look this good. jisoo is literally glowing too

  16. uglyvids says:

    The screen: **complete black**

    Jisoo: this shit is funny imma laugh

  17. Nononie Palmera says:

    I can’t take my eyes off Jisoo, I mean she looks like a queen sitting on her throne.

  18. love rosie says:

    *Rosé: that is so adorable I love that* HER AUSSIE ACCENT

  19. Raoul Riego says:

    jimmy: okay, let’s play “try not to laugh challenge.”

    *jisoo: okay, I’m laughing.*

  20. Rin Kagamine says:

    Jisoo In flinch: I’m not scary…
    Jisoo here: *laughs seeing black screen*

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