Trying EXPENSIVE Ice cream From Instagram

Trying EXPENSIVE Ice cream From Instagram

Trying EXPENSIVE Ice cream From Instagram! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch my try til Tok food hacks Make sure you subscribe and enable notifications so you don’t miss videos!

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76 Responses

  1. TastyToiletPaper ! says:

    “She doesn’t wanna be on camera cause she’s wearing Shane Dawson merch” 😂

  2. Alyssa Morales (Student) says:

    Sssniperwolf: that’s some balls I want to eat
    Me and my dirty mind: wait what 😐😳😏

  3. Janelle says:

    “It’s mint chocolate chip, that went to private school.” ⛪️💰💵

  4. Gacha Dayli says:

    Her: talks about bryers
    Me: remembers how when I was little every Friday my mom would get me and my brothers a big thing of bryers and we would eat it in *one* night

  5. Cinnamon X Cream says:

    Absolutely no human on this giant rock:

    why are you still here I said nobody

  6. Courtney Nunez says:

    Lia: “I have taste, says the person that only eats chicken and cheese” 😂😂😂

  7. 「 яay 」 says:

    Lia: “I don’t like mint chocolate chip ice cream”
    Me: *”I am highly offended. “*

  8. GameKing says:

    Who thinks Lia’s “Little Lia” channel is going to reach 3 Mill by the end of the year?

    I do 😊

  9. Nada Tarek says:

    Lia: “it’s mint chocolate chip but it went to private school”

  10. Mallery S says:

    the dissapointment in her eyes when she opened the salted swirled black sesame
    Edit : thank you for the 👍🏻 😊

  11. pierre milor chery says:

    sssniperwolf: bites and chews ice cream
    Me: has anxiety attack NOOOOOOOOOO

  12. Geraldus Flabian says:

    “Wow! Tastes expensive!”

    Me eating anything over $2: *nods slowly* ikr

  13. Angxl_Wingss says:

    Lia’s Friend: “I don’t wanna go on camera because im wearing Shane Dawson merch.”

    Shane Dawson fans such as me: EXCUUUUUSE MEEEEEEEE?????!!!!

  14. I’m AC says:

    Who else just goes through the comments and just randomly likes all of them

  15. Invader Zim says:

    “This tastes like privileged chocolate.”

    Lia 2020 😂😂

  16. Anna Kosiek says:

    Lia: “How many calories??”
    Digitalnex: “240”
    Lia: “Not bad”
    Digitalnex: “..but is it good tho👁👄👁” 😂😂😂

  17. Minecraft Luver3 says:

    *Ppl in comments be like:*
    *”wHy DoEs eVeRyOnE sAy:*
    *wHo HaS bEeN a fAn Of Lia BeFoRe JuNe 2020?!”*

  18. TheKutajones says:

    Lia: -eats ice cream like it is chicken.
    Me- doesn’t even put the whole thing in my mouth!
    How do you bite ice cream lia?!

  19. Holo Mégane says:

    Lia opening that one ice cream:

    I really had to…

  20. Kiran says:

    I just wanna see funny comments but some people saying things like “WHOs bEeN a fAn” *it’s god damn annoying.*

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