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47 Responses

  1. Emily Heredia says:

    Did anyone else notice they didn’t give David his strawberry açaí refresher ?

  2. Kelly Borup says:

    “That’s what Charlie orders” ??? the shade that wasn’t appreciated

  3. Joey Krumsee says:

    When Erin asked “what’s that” after David said “do you want to go to Portillos” I cried a little…

  4. Alexis Estrada says:

    David every 5 minutes: “Let’s go to McDonald’s”
    Erin: “Noo, we’re having Goulash”

  5. Najae Perez says:

    David * doesn’t drink or eat off of anyone.
    Also David smashes a watermelon on the cement and eats it.?

  6. Marisa McDonald says:

    David giving everyone a piece of grilled cheese except Jason kinda broke my heart.

  7. Michelle &Tell says:

    David: (films 3 Hollywood tour buses coming to his house.)

    Also David: Stop coming to my house.

    • dakota says:

      Arranging for people to come to his house for a bit is VERY different to people coming to his house uninvited and invading his privacy.

    • Michelle &Tell says:

      @dakota OBVI! It’s still a funny observation tho. The irony.

    • hibernating turtle says:

      Michelle &Tell i think that’s part of the joke hun.

    • Michelle &Tell says:

      @hibernating turtle You are literally restating the exact point I was making. It is funny bc it is ironic. I am done explaining jokes to people. You all are either too lost or too intense for humor. Either way, you all missed the point. Humor isn’t for everyone I suppose.

  8. alexis j says:

    i live for this group, definitely the fab 4!! lol my faves!

  9. TheOriginalsquish says:

    David saying Wendys is his favourite fast food like Chipotle didn’t give him his own burrito.

  10. Joel Mogindol says:


    Them: sip’s from the same straw

    Friendship goals

  11. Kaelyn Miranda says:

    barista: “there’s, like, butter and cheese on both sides”

    erin & david: * give each other the exact same look *

  12. Julissa Ramirez says:

    It’s giving me anxiety that he never got the strawberry açaí refresher ??

  13. Lola D says:

    David: *takes a sip*
    Erin: not good?
    David: *takes another sip*
    yeah not good

  14. fr e sh a voca do says:

    Omg i just realised u guys hit 1M followers!! Congrats! ? well deserved ?

  15. Tesneem Salah says:

    david lowkey looks like he needs just a genuine hug like you know what i mean

  16. Hannah Cole says:

    David on the threshold of defining metabolism
    Jason: Here’s the grilled cheese

  17. Georgia. says:

    carly and david are like little kids, its adorable. i think i say it every time but they’re like siblings and its adorable. david is 7 carly is 12 erin is like 22 and the older responsible sister who looks out for the little ones
    EDIT: David “WOoW”
    Carly a few moments later: “oh WOW”

  18. Riley Kelly says:

    david: *let’s go to…*
    everyone: *WE’RE HAVING GOULASH*

  19. RachelsDope says:

    David: “She didn’t bring up the cinnamon on the call” ???

  20. Meowkins says:

    I always notice the sweet little things like how Carly makes sure Jason gets a taste of all the drinks ??

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