Trying US Military Food (MREs) For The First Time | Alonzo Lerone

Trying US Military Food (MREs) For The First Time | Alonzo Lerone

Official “Trying US Military Food (MREs) For The First Time” video by Alonzo Lerone.
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MRE (Meals Ready To Eat) Foods In This Video …

Blueberry Turnover
Cheese Tortellini and Tomato Sauce
Italian Sausage with Sauce and Bread
Marinara Sauce with Meatballs
Beef Stew
Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
Filled French Toast
Pepperoni Pizza with Cheese and Sauce
Asian Style Beef Strips with Vegetables and Sauce (flavored with Oyster Flavored Oyster Sauces
Shredded Beef and Barbecue Sauce

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52 Responses

  1. Elaina Lee says:

    Try astronaut food

  2. KATIE says:

    Man some people in these dangon comments are MEAN!!! If you do that again make sure you are able to get full MRE packs rather than just small inserts. They come with a meal, a few snacks, at least one drink, a heater, and an accessories pack with a napkin, spoon, gum, all that fun stuff! I appreciate the spirit of this video and I thought it was funny, but I think you’d benefit from getting full MRE packs with all the stuff in it! If you want more info on MRE’s a YouTuber named EmmyMadeInJapan knows a lot about MRE’s!! 🙂

  3. Brooke says:

    Please take the mic away from your throat I’m screaming 😂

  4. DEEZY THE RUNT says:

    He was so damn extra with that smoothie lmao

  5. Jelleyfa says:

    Heat it up/cook it :/

  6. ashelly napqueen says:

    You are supposed to have a chemical packet that you put into water, when you put the chemical stuff into the water it causes a reaction that heats the water, you then put the food packet into the water(unopened) and it heats the food……….also my uncle who was in the service told me the expiration date is just more of a suggestion than an actual expiration date (kinda like Twinkies)

  7. Wyatt Littlechild says:

    Dude where was the chemicals packets

  8. Troubled Loser says:

    I’m in air cadet, we eat these on our survival training and, he’s eating them all wrong, you need to put them in boiling water, deserts are not to be cold, and also does he not know he can go to a canex and buy, FULL meal packs, also these meal packs are ment to last for YEARS, but god he’s making my mouth water from that meat balls in marinara sauce 🤤

  9. Litt_ lyrics says:

    You suppose to heat it up,did it not come with some pouch that somehow heats up the food?

  10. Alanis Casillas says:

    6:40 Jesus Take the wheel Hallellujah😂

  11. David Bessey says:

    I’m shitting bricks just watching this. Alonzo, a full MRE comes with a hydrogen heater and plastic utensils so you don’t have to eat them with your hands.

  12. Canadian Rider says:

    Buddy did you dirty by not giving you the heating element lol

    And that pizza is the gold item of mres lol

  13. Brandon_Social says:

    U didn’t add water and military packaged food can last months after experation date

  14. Mariam Nassef says:

    School lunch has left the chat

  15. Nixin Williams says:

    I like how you don’t like it, but take another bite lol.

  16. Annie Hendrix says:


  17. Nina Stellato says:

    Gordon Ramsey should do this

  18. Darden Walton says:

    Alonzo you’re doing gr8 sweetie, you just did it the hard way 😂 as a lot of people have said, you can get full MRE packs that contain full meals, condiments, and heating packs. They make it more bearable. If you wanted to get down and dirty into what a lot of military goes through though, you hit the mark 😂 often MREs are filtered out to save space and folks end up eating just the entree out of the pack.

  19. Instakill Andrew says:

    I’m in the Army cadets of Canada and will be joining the Canadian military soon. On Field Training Exercises (FTX) we eat Canadian MRE’s which are actually the same thing as some of those in your video (cheese tortellini, shredded beef, etc). The Canadian Military eats those as well. If you do not have a chemical heat pack then you could put the green packaged MRE’s in a pot of water that will steam the packages. Wait until they are hot to the touch and then open the pack and eat with a spoon. Usually in Canadian MRE’s we would get long plastic spoons with them but since you ordered online I am not surprised that you didn’t get one.

  20. Rookie 2000 says:

    I looked at the time… Not 7 minute’s 😂😂

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