Tsunami alerts across Pacific Coast following earthquake

Tsunami alerts across Pacific Coast following earthquake

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake was reported off the coast of Kodiak, Ala., on Jan. 23. Tsunami alerts were issued for the Pacific Coast. Read more: http://wapo.st/2n3CC7f. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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66 Responses

  1. You Tuber 22 says:

    It’s OK everyone the wave was only one foot high.

  2. James Brown says:

    Wtf B

  3. Mr deadpool says:

    Why im scared right now?

  4. I see Ewe says:


  5. Ivan Salazar says:

    It’s just a prank 💀

  6. Jon Iwanyszyn says:

    I was just watching a Netflix documentary series called the Worlds Worst Disasters, the one on Tsunamis.

  7. Jimmy Kennon says:

    Thank you for letting us know it’s fake

  8. Tokugawa Heavy Industries says:

    First a “false alarm” over Hawaii, now earthquakes and tsunamis over Alaska? Nah homie, NoKo is up to some shit and it’s just they can’t tell us for fear of mass panic.

  9. Jacob Sigler says:

    The end is nigh, so prepare to die.

  10. ItsKalesy says:

    That will put the fires out

  11. Barry Dollanson says:

    Hit silicon valley please in the name of jesus christ

    • Kobra Ortiz says:

      So…. You’re fine without any new iPhones, Galaxy Phones, and any new tech from here on? Because that’s where the majority of it goes through R&D.

      Go back under your rock, Captain Caveman.

    • MCH122790 says:

      damn you rednecks really hate us Californians dont you? what happened to wanting Kim Jung-Un to throw us into a nuclear apocalypse? downgrading your wish to a natural disaster? thats not like you southerner cmon

    • AxyeH4Nk says:


    • MCH122790 says:

      AxyeH4Nk muahahahahaha my state shall rule the world by urbanizing everything we touch and making lives easier with new technology! its such an evil and horrible plan it just might work

  12. Judge Judy Sex Dungeon says:

    For some reason I thought the thumbnail was the southern coast of Australia at first.

  13. Billy Bob Thornton says:

    Finally not fake news from The Washington Compost. It takes natural disasters to get them to do actual reporting.

  14. MortelElm says:

    I’m terrified and I don’t even live there.

  15. Manuel Trevino says:

    There can’t be a topic on YouTube without someone talking about Trump/Liberals, like really? This is about a potential tsunami and you folks wishing death upon people because of their political ideology…..

  16. Tony Branham says:

    I’m here to see how this so called news media outlet will try to blame this on president Trump. I don’t understand how there are so many dumb people to believe this outlet. SMH

  17. Fannie Ford says:

    I was just dreaming that the army helicopters was going off to war today before the sirens went off I just had a premonition I saw into the spiritual Realm something is about to happen

    • Hey Ariyah says:

      Fannie Ford it’s amazing that God will give us warning signs. We must intercede and pray in the Spirit. God bless you, sis.

    • Hand Picked Bryst says:

      Fannie Ford yeah I’ve seen a couple of things too lately, tsunami being one of them but it was the Chinese ppl. The Most High is Mighty!!! Praise Yahweh & his son Yahusha, Jesus Christ for his truth! HallaluYah

    • Alexis Gameplayz says:

      Hand Picked Bryst what the heck 😂😂🤣

  18. Tjaden Stevens says:

    Wow a montage of the worst filmed clips I’ve ever seen

  19. John-Paul Hunt says:

    Fake news says alt right.

  20. Kobra Ortiz says:

    Geez, everyone’s hating on California and Silicon Valley in this comment section. I’m surprised that everyone has a neanderthal mindset, and does not want new tech. Show some respect and backbone.

    We’re not cavemen.

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