It’s another round of Tutorial Tuesdays! This week, Rihanna shows you her easy eyeliner tutorial and how to wear black lipstick using Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in shade #UNINVITED. And of course, she tops it off with her limited edition, CLF Killawatt Highlighter, where 100% of the sales goes directly to the Clara Lionel Foundation, helping fund education, disaster relief and global awareness.

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.

Products Mentioned:

– Get it at Fenty Beauty: http://bit.ly/2SeUxpc
– Get it at Sephora: https://seph.me/2q4RVgY

Stunna Lip Paint in UNINVTED:
– Get it at Fenty Beauty: http://bit.ly/2ReY4mv
– Get it at Sephora: https://seph.me/2PQPeL8

CLF Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in DIAMOND BALL OUT: http://bit.ly/2CzMPke

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85 Responses

  1. Wolf says:

    MULTITALENTED QUEEN She’s better than youtubers 😂 I love her so much

    • shizukagozen777 says:

      I agree but nothing that she does is random, she has always a whole team of assistants to help her even for a video that looks so simple while beauty gurus are completely self made people. So even if I hate beauty gurus, I think people should not bring them down too much.

  2. rihftperry says:

    The “hi guys” is me walking into work

  3. IMAN BELLA says:

    Beauty gurus are shaking

  4. badgal savage says:

    The first dislike was definitely from Kylie Jenner

  5. Tiffany Robinson says:

    Rihanna is the epitome of Gorgeous!! I just wish I could hang out with her for a day☺️

  6. Hasheley Anie says:

    Whenever she says “cuz I’m black” I start dying 🤣🤣

  7. Charleen Marie says:

    Wow if I didn’t love Rihanna so much already these tutorial Tuesday’s make me love her so much more watching her do her make up is great because we never really see founders use their own products and show us how they work! Rihanna is so down to earth and unique I want to chill and do make up with her!!

  8. Lisa Subotic says:

    How can someone be this beautiful? 😭😍🙏

  9. OnlyRihanna says:

    So its been 1000 days since anti:) wheres the album sis??!

  10. Rihanna is my wife get over it -Marco- says:

    Rihanna ending beauty gurus for 5 minutes straight.

  11. Hi my name is Alia says:

    If Rihanna hit me with a car, I would be the one apologising to her

  12. LizziesDoseofBeauty says:


    Btw, I am a small Youtuber!

  13. Navy Fenty says:

    4 dislikes: Kylie and her 3 fans

  14. Real Sunny Rosario says:

    You’re the ONLY celeb who is allowed to have a YouTube. Technically, you should be on ThemTube but I will make an exception for you because you are too delightful for words.

    So…NO to will smith crashing Yes Theory, YES to Rihanna crashing my heart. oooh, i mean my feed.

  15. laineymariebeauty says:

    Rihanna slaying my life rn!!

  16. J DEVINCI says:

    Rihanna coming for our careers one video at a time.

  17. Dolphins life says:

    I truly appreciate your cosmetics line. I will be purchasing me some Fenty Beauty tomorrow for my 60th birthday. Thank You.

  18. Danny Gentry says:

    Everyone who says her make up sucks dont understand her vision. She is not a bold color type. Her eye make up is always light and sheer… everyone wants extreme pigment but that doesnt work for everyday people… only for photoshoots… hell even the major beauty gurus dont walk around looking like they are straight out of a photospread everyday

    • bzebluemorpho says:

      Everyone wants Jeffree Star make up basically.

    • Nitokris Ghoul says:

      I prefer Jeffree Starr makeup most of the time, but this is good understated makeup or if I want to look a little more professional. I like them both, but neither one is really within my price range.

    • Ms. Jackson If Ya' Nasty says:

      nah i’ve been wanting natural makeup and it’s always just bold and bright when all i want is my face, just better.

  19. greater than the gods says:

    Who wants to see Jeffree Star and Rihanna doing their makeup and smoking weed together ?🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

  20. Talisson Vianna says:

    Best singer ever !
    She’s so natural and humble 😘

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