Twins Say YES To Each Other For A Day

Twins Say YES To Each Other For A Day

We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/


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39 Responses

  1. yaya azman says:

    Grayson is just fatherly….. He did everything. I feel like Ethan being pampered.

  2. bri says:

    “sounds like a personal problem to me” hahaharfnlknqnflq

  3. Hodaya Binjamin says:

    If you love grayson give me like but if you love Ethan comment?

  4. Rowan Creaser says:

    Why couldn’t Grayson have said “are you dating Emma” ?

  5. hairstylesandnails says:

    You made my dog start barking when you barked at the guy in the car ?

  6. Shaeni_02 says:

    Grayson took way more advantage than Ethan did ? 🙂

  7. Liyana says:

    Im rly supposed to be doing my hw but… nah

  8. Shaeni_02 says:

    16:28 trying to run away from eating my vegetables and arguing with my mum lmao ?

  9. Charmant says:

    I think grayson is the hottest?

  10. Mason Leitch says:

    We all know what James Charles would make Grayson do ?

  11. Maya Stopka says:

    did… did ethan just **toast** an uncrustable??

  12. Me Me says:

    Love that Grayson acts like a responsible adult and Ethen acts like a 16 year old even tho Ethen is the older one


    why didn’t he just ask “Can I change my outfit?”

  14. It's Fabulyss says:

    Getting Freddy Mercury vibes from Ethan’s outfit

  15. Binta Jarju says:

    Ethan: can you get sugary cereal? Grayson: sugary cereal ethan!

  16. lucrezia chloe says:

    #1 on trending in UK! ???

  17. #SaRcAsM QuEeN says:

    *Ethan and Grayson:* _Saying YES to all the tasks they got and doing it._
    *Me:* Well, you could’ve just asked not to do it and then the other would have to say yes, right?

    JK, I loved this video. They are so innocent and obedient!

  18. leila_phangirl says:

    I‘m singing the outro in a falsetto
    I got a mustache and I look like a…

    … creepy gym teatcher???

    He could‘ve just said pedo and it would‘ve rhymed so well

  19. Naomi Badmus says:

    Trending? No. 1
    Hot? Of course
    Me? Irrelevant
    Hotel? Trivago

  20. ScarlettP says:

    16:11 Grayson pulling Ethans hair had me rollin ??? I cant with them!

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