Twitter Troll Has No Regrets About Attacking Leslie Jones: Part 1

Twitter Troll Has No Regrets About Attacking Leslie Jones: Part 1

Milo Yiannopoulos believes trolling is his way of “doing God’s work” and has gone after feminism and the body positivity movement.

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20 Responses

  1. TheSonic9876 says:

    Calling Leslie Jones out is bullying. But, apparently calling Milo a moron
    and troll apparently isn’t. Liberal double standards.

  2. Rexcetera says:

    Milo is a horrible, hateful, insecure little man who lacks intelligence,
    grace, and wit. Why any media outlet would even give him this much air time
    is ridiculous. In another age, he’d get no attention. We live in bad times.

  3. James D says:

    It’s biased one sided liberal hit pieces like this that drives people to
    push back against the whole liberal hurt feelings system. ABC makes a
    segment on “hate” yet calls it’s own guest an idiot among other insulting
    words. You people wouldn’t know hypocrisy if it smacked you in the face.

  4. Irondome says:

    I don’t get it. Does ABC hate Milo because he is gay or because he is

  5. hounddog2952 says:

    If you aint PC then this liberal society will demonize you with a lot help
    from the brain dead news media … Milo is like Trump , Str8 savage
    speaking the truth!!!

  6. Sagan Hill says:

    Milo is a moron. A racist, bigot who has an IQ of a gnat.

  7. Kate the bear says:

    Milo is funny. Ridiculous, but funny.

  8. arrogantsquirrel says:

    How is saying Leslie Jones looks like a man or a gorilla racist? She looks
    like both of those things. People say Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a
    horse, too. So what? She does!

  9. Safe space Trigger warning says:

    I saw this on tv and this is north korea level propaganda. Is any one
    falling for this?

  10. islandperson says:

    “A list movie star,” ok I think we’re stretching the truth just a little

  11. buddylee19082 says:

    This guy might be the coolest queer on the planet!?

  12. SavatoEX says:

    Love how within the first SECONDS of the video they dehumanize by claiming
    he’s nothing more than a troll.

  13. Tide bleach says:

    But Amy shumer is talentless

  14. Gathies says:

    ABC is so fucking biased and retarded. The Ghostbusters movie was
    absolutely shit and the box office shows that.
    Leslie Jones is hideous, we all know it.

  15. QuestionAuthority2 says:

    Leslie Jones tweeted a bunch of anti-white racist insults, ABC didn’t
    mention that. And fuck Lena Dunham too. She’s an unfunny no-talent loser.

  16. Golden Stacked Warriors says:

    These idiots want to make free speech illegal. If someone wants to call
    this black bitch an ape, they should be allowed to do so.

  17. RemoteGamingYT says:

    ‘Troll’…. this term is still used?

  18. Sultry Roses says:

    Lol Milo know he aint got the balls to talk like that you in front of her
    face or any other persons face . People like him are just MISERABLE and
    attention seeking.

  19. Richard Dukard says:

    Very heavily edited interview. At 5:24 you can see and hear the interviewer
    laughing along with Milo while he’s joking about Amy Schumer. The next shot
    of him, he’s stone faced. ABC doesn’t want you to see i’ts journalist
    enjoying his time with Milo

  20. thebachu786 says:

    this was the best you could do with all your editing to attempt to make
    milo look stupid? lol, he manhandled you ass. now you know why he is a
    dangerous faggot! gooo Milo!