UAB Football Players in Disgust #FREEUAB

UAB players respond to the cutting of the football program addressed by the University’s President Ray Watts.

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20 Responses

  1. TheSportsman131 says:

    I hope this team gets the chance to play in a bowl game. And people say
    it’s just a sport…

  2. Randall Westberry says:

    How could he…. #betrayal #freeuab #uabfootball 

  3. Hansen Hasenberg says:

    Shut up Hippie guy

  4. Hansen Hasenberg says:

    AU has hockey

  5. Hansen Hasenberg says:

    The joke is now on uab trustees they now have to pay the buyout for all of
    their future games that are scheduled

  6. Zach Wilkins says:

    As a college football player this is heartbreaking.

  7. Danielle Vega says:

    UAB is a sinking ship and this was the iceberg. I sincerely hope the
    captain of this shitstorm goes down with it.

  8. jeremy hunt says:

    They became bowl eligible and now this fuckin bullshit happens. I feel for
    all you guys this just sad

  9. Meliya Brasfield says:

    I love these guys & they have busted their asses to play football & make
    UAB a success ! How can you snatch the carpet from beneath their feet ??
    This is the best team UAB has had in YEARS ! WTF is the problem ? THIS IS
    men are passionate & respectful & deserve EVERY right to play & represent
    our local team UAB !

  10. AlphaTide says:


  11. E Bay says:

    As a tide fan,I look at UAB as my second favorite team because of the
    stadium that they play in but after this I’m now sad because it fells like
    the state of Alabama just thrown away a stadium that has had a lot of
    history in football and I want uab to continue that tradition and for the
    state of Alabama football is a way of life and now the city of Birmingham
    now has just a football stadium left to rot and a school that has nothing
    to be excited about every Saturday in the fall. #freeuab 

  12. lolz476 says:

    obviously hard to watch but……………obviously the guy cares about
    numbers? thats kind of his job

  13. sweetness583 says:

    Oh fucking no, now you can’t throw a ball around officially for a school.
    You know, you can still play football on your own time if you love it so
    much. You and your friends can just get together and play whenever yall
    want. Your pipe dream of getting into the NFL is now over? Then just get an
    education. That’s the main purpose of school anyway. “It’s about family.”
    Oh shut up. You sound like you’re reading the script to every football
    movie that’s ever been made. “What am I supposed to tell my son?” Tell him
    life isn’t all about football. Tell him the truth about why the team is
    being shutdown, and explain that you’re still going to go to school to
    pursue a career in *____*. You can’t transfer to another school that plays

  14. graylobo133 says:

    Time to get a real job and pay for your school like the rest of Americans!

  15. track4smiley says:

    Hit The University Hard and Band Together and not play in the Bowl Game at
    the Last Minute. Show Up and refuse to play! Can You Imagine The
    repercussions UAB would have to pay to their opponents, Bowl Sponsors and
    NCAA. However the team earned that bowl game and they should have one last
    game as a family together. But you cant say that wouldn’t mess up their

  16. Brad88ford says:

    All UAB players come to Vegas to Play at UNLV!! I am sure the majority of
    you could play and have success here!!!!!

  17. Tamika Driver says:

    They were speaking on deaf ears, they only care about money HEARTLESS SUIT

  18. Theoriginalpfsgators says:

    The university failed these kids

  19. fibsernum30 says:

    A university without a football team is like a lion without horns. It is
    still a fine and complete lion!

  20. Daniel Cobb says:

    If you wanna be heard then act like a man. This group of kids just showed
    up to whine, not to hear anything anyone had to say. And the moron who drew
    a correlation to his buddies getting blown up needs to calm down. All of us
    veterans have been through it, but don’t go around acting like everything
    relates to it. NOTHING about uab football or your experience has ANYTHING
    to do with what we went through. I don’t feel bad for the idiots
    snickering, yelling, walking out, and not letting anyone talk. I feel bad
    for their teammates