UConn vs. Baylor – Elite Eight Women’s NCAA Tournament Extended Highlights

UConn vs. Baylor – Elite Eight Women’s NCAA Tournament Extended Highlights

No. 1 UConn plays No. 2 Baylor in the Elite Eight of the 2021 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.

The Huskies used a giant second-half rally to come back and take down the Lady Bears 69-67. A 19-0 UConn run was the difference, which came after Baylor senior guard Didi Richards left the game with a left leg injury in the third quarter.

The Bears nearly mounted a comeback of their own, falling just short in the final moments as the Huskies held on to advance to their 13th Final Four in a row.

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42 Responses

  1. Samantha Ray says:

    UConn 🤍💙🤍💙🤍 doing it for Gigi 🦋

  2. Mr Millennium 26 says:

    I don’t understand why Carrington shot the ball over three players at the end when players were open

    • MOJOELTA says:

      @Mr Millennium 26 omg you have to have contact for a foul. Thats what she did. The wrong person is the ref not the player. Shooting Before would not have helped smh

    • Mr Millennium 26 says:

      @MOJOELTAIf she’s gonna drive she should’ve stopped and popped before the other girls got there, that would’ve atleast been a better option if she was gonna keep the ball. No need to draw a foul.

    • Bone Skrilla says:

      EVERYBODY JUST STOP CRYING COM” ON NOW!! That game was classic ppl! I personally use to unpire for minor league baseball and referred teen age basketball. There’s always missed calls and calls that should not have been called by me. The tempo is fast despite even if doing a game for kids. So imagine at the college and the professional level. No one and I mean no one can predict what the outcome would have been even if that play was called a foul. She could’ve made 1 out of 2. Made them both or missed them just like I’ve seen some of the best free throw shooters of all missed at the end of crucial games including Steph Curry, Larry Bird and Mark Price. It happens in Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, hockey etc. STOP IT!!

    • MOJOELTA says:

      @Mr Millennium 26 there’s something called a whistle and the refs didn’t use it

    • MOJOELTA says:

      @Bone Skrilla this is a public site. No one is going to STOP IT, ever 😭🤣🤣 Your previous experience in minor league baseball (completely different sport) just doesn’t hold any weight on here, neither do your examples of nba players. This is a Womens College game, Not the same at all. Smh

  3. David Diaz says:

    I know it will be a tough one. Paige really stepped it up and the team . Last defensive stand sealed the game. Stanford and South Carolina look good. It’s a matter of heart and hunger and passion.

    • 小粉紅老母全家都係日軍慰安婦 says:

      @Joe White it’s hard to get asts when nelson liabiltyy on offence

    • Melinda Flores says:

      Agree….and Also finishing healthy. When Didi Richards went down, momentum shift.

    • Timmy Allen says:

      @Melinda Flores thank you..

    • mrfunnylookin ha yes says:

      The coach have been trying to get Paige to take over games for the longest. And it got them in trouble when they lost to Arkansas. And you can see she have learn her lesson. She still let the play come to her, but the coach have to tell her to release the hounds. Only thing she need now is the theme song from Love and Basketball ” I go to work”

    • David Diaz says:

      They need to create space to pass and shoot. It seems Paige was taking shot. Where she didn’t have much space against Iowa they played faster what do u 🤔

  4. no one says:

    Uconn this was a nail biter 😅

  5. Vincent E Stone says:

    Baylor lost #2 RICHARDS was HUGE (Watched Her since Freshman year. Many Blessings in Her future). Uconn BECKERS is The TRUTH. Coach MULKEY need more Athletic SG-Fs like #2.

    • Melinda Flores says:

      Didi Richards stays injured free, it would’ve been a different game. Paige, who is great, was able to up her game more without Didi’s defense.

    • un likely says:

      @Melinda Flores If Anna Muhl had been injury free it would have been a different game as well. Players go down, next one steps up. You deal with injury, adjust, or you don’t.

    • AimHigher says:

      @un likely Nika* Muhl, but yes you make a great point.

    • Doctor MindBenDa says:

      Richards was tired as hell, most players get injured when they are exhausted. She was, hence the injury! As a coach, you must recognize your players fatigue levels. They will have a blowout if you let them keep going without a rest….😏😏

  6. Matt Kosta says:

    When Beckers got mauled and was forced to take a timeout was maybe the most egregious missed call of many. Also when Griffin got slapped across the arm and then she got called for the charge. I’m glad to see the refs didn’t ruin the outcome of the game. UCONN got out by the skin of their teeth.

  7. Joy Javier says:

    Paige Bueckers is the real deal

    • Jack says:

      Yep, her high school is, or was, about 15 minutes away from mine and if Covid wouldn’t of happened she would’ve been in the state championship. But why be in the state championship when you can go to the NCAA championship the next year lol. She is extremely talented and best of luck for her team.

    • Christopher Poole says:

      She has the talent to be one of those rare women players that come along like a Diana Taurasi.

    • Antaeus says:

      @Jabari McBride Mulkey used to be beautiful, now she looks like an old hag

    • Jabari McBride says:

      @Antaeus She’s still a beautiful older woman she still can get it

    • Selina Crum says:

      @Christian Caballero it was a joke chill out bro

  8. Homey don't play that says:

    Baylor – UConn was a bar fight both teams 😥😂🙌

  9. Sternentier says:

    What a shame that the two best teams in the tournament had to meet in the elite eight.

  10. Dragon Warrior says:

    Tough ending but the bottom line is Baylor only scored 1 basket in the last 5 minutes of the game, can’t just rely on getting calls for that long.

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