Udinese 1-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Scores Double in Comeback Win! | Serie A TIM

Udinese 1-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Scores Double in Comeback Win! | Serie A TIM

Two goals in the second half from CR7 secured a vital 3 points for Juventus | Serie A TIM

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36 Responses

  1. PLAY GAMES says:

    won the penalty by himself scored penalty scored a header goal made juventus win by himself goat of comeback 🔥🐐 and amazing cross by rabiot

  2. FGD Football says:

    He’s Back ⚔️ The Greatest of All Time🐐 99 Goals with Juve👑 SerieA Top Scorer 2020/2021🔥

  3. Jameel Azad says:

    Thats the first time pirlo has celebrated a goal like this

  4. Deepak Bisht says:

    You don’t see Pirlo celebrating like a fan everyday. Cristiano give us this moment for seeing a view like that. What a player ✨

  5. Yiliang Wang says:

    CR7 & Ibra, man next game will be so exciting.

  6. Prashant says:

    From messi fan

    Ronaldo is actually carrying juv and we have seen this for 3-4 seasons but nobody understood how bad it feels but now I hope they all Ronaldo’s fan understand it

    • Jon Gonzales says:

      @Abcdefg32 1 You are absolutely right.

    • xXRiCkxxJaMeSXx says:

      @Abcdefg32 1 so then why don’t they get rid of him then…. Mr know it all why haven’t they… they can do whatever they want but clearly don’t think its the right move and that’s why your a fan and only have an opinion you watch the games but never played at such a level and neither have I so our opinions mean nothing .

    • Abcdefg32 1 says:

      @xXRiCkxxJaMeSXx tell me this in you’re opinion since Ronaldo joined have juventus gotten worse????? And the reason if you know business and juventus participation in the super league, money means more than titles, television rights and global merchandise is why Ronaldo is there but I suppose a fan boy can’t comprehend that… Ronaldo is a cash cow simple as with the likes of you follow him blindly

    • CR7 LM10 says:

      @Abcdefg32 1 I understand but he is a big game player…should have been in a better team…he doesn’t deserve this juve.

    • CR7 LM10 says:

      @Abcdefg32 1 see the history bro…people don’t follow him blindly.His career is like a dream to achieve.

  7. Relebohile Nkosi says:

    Dying minutes, the goal, the commentory, the team celebration… everything about this moment it’s like watching a scripted movie. They criticize him for where Juvenntus is now but at the end of the day he’s the one who always steps up the most. KING CR7 🔥

  8. Emeka Amadi says:

    He is saving the club and also saving the coach from loosing his job

  9. Ukey Forever says:

    Ronaldo’s day = Pirlo’s day XD

    P.S. I’m happy for them.

  10. المُسلم Tv للإنتاج الدعوي says:

    اللهم انك عفوٌّ تحب العفو فاعفُ عنا

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