UFC 194: Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo Octagon Interview

UFC 194: Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo Octagon Interview

Conor McGregor has delivered on another promise. Now, he gets to wear the featherweight belt as the undisputed champion after knocking out Jose Aldo 13 seconds into Round 1. It’s the fastest finish in UFC world title fight history.

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20 Responses

  1. Kyle Wardell says:

    It’s funny how the former champion was Conor’s easiest fight, EIRE ?.

  2. Family Father says:

    Terrible fucking translator… Jose Aldo never said that it wasn’t a fight,
    like that guy said. He said that it was too fast and he managed to end the
    fight, but it doesn’t end there, and it will be settled on a rematch.

  3. Louie Rivera says:

    definitely no rematch, Jose Aldo doesn’t deserve a rematch, he’ll win lots
    of millions of dollars again, so Connor could knock him out with one punch
    again, pathetic fight, Connor needs to move on to better fighters, give
    other fighters a chance, Aldo blew it, Connor has he’s number

  4. tom larkin says:

    well done Conor…delighted for you and ya team
    bringing that belt home to the green isle..
    love to no what aldos corner was saying to him at 1:31 in this clip….
    dident look nice….

  5. Gearoid Grady says:

    what a man

  6. Jorge Capone says:

    foda-se vcs

  7. Totoro94 says:

    “Here is Bruce Fucker”

  8. Dang Khoa Nguyen says:

    Jose Aldo cried after fight.

  9. Mauricio Rodriguez says:

    jose aldo smp??

  10. Sofia Liu says:

    He’ll be back stronger

  11. Erika Aline says:

    Eu amo o José aldo infelizmente ele não ganhou essa mas perder faz parte

  12. Timothy Tetlow says:

    Fight games tough but damn; feel bad for Aldo. Not only does McGregor have
    heavy hands but Aldo literally walked right into it, making the punch even
    harder than it already would’ve been. Props to McGregor so humble with his
    victory, showed his true character! Hopefully there’ll be a rematch and we
    can see the real skill of both fighters.

  13. hsan mahulette says:

    canor mcgragor i loved,you are my champions UFC

  14. SMOOTH Performance says:

    “Make no mistake. I am cocky in my prediction, confident in my preparation,
    but always humble in victory or defeat.” – Joe Duffy

  15. Burnsy says:


  16. deftones26 deftones26 says:

    U Suck Aldo! You were supposed to shut connor up but u got smashed,
    rematch?you want a rematch? get outta here bro u had ur chance.

  17. zeazi natt says:

    If only Aldo’s punch landed on the jaw as well

  18. Art Vandelay says:

    It should just be Conor on the cover of the EA sports game holding that
    Irish flag in victory, shouldnt have to share it with Ronda.

  19. Rori J says:

    He should wear a helmet of shame and disrespect! Loudmouth Mcgregor irish

  20. Franklin Souza says:

    7X1 foi pouco!