UFC 196 Press Conference: McGregor vs Diaz

UFC 196 Press Conference: McGregor vs Diaz

After agreeing to fight each other at welterweight on March 5 at UFC 196, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz meet face-to-face for the first time at today’s live press conference. Don’t miss the event live from the UFC Gym in Torranca, CA at 4pm/1pm ETPT.

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20 Responses

  1. Sean Green says:

    lol RDA, Aldo and Frankie have sore vaginas

  2. FreeeeBeer says:

    Diaz owned Conor and it was hilarious!!!!!

  3. Awallz32 says:

    The best part was when the reporter asked Diaz what he’s gonna buy after
    the fight with his earnings, some dude in the crowd says “Some OG kush!”
    Diaz points to him and gestures ‘big ole bag’ LMAO

  4. Never Sober says:


  5. Jimmy Hyun says:

    Khabib offered to fight McGregor and the UFC declined. I wonder why? lol

  6. Marcus Loke says:

    Aren’t Conor be fighting rda? What happened?

  7. mariosa quintetta says:

    Dana white is cutting his mic

  8. luisweast says:

    nate is on drugs, and talking about everyone on roids? wow!!!! he even said
    his brothers taking them lol

  9. conorbergin55 says:

    You learn something new every day, the higher the value of a cheque the
    more it will weigh!

  10. roshanrr2006 says:

    Nate won,

  11. rospoho says:

    Am i the only one that think that this 2 guys could be best friends?

  12. Sarin Ratheesh says:

    Conor vs Wonderboy. What a fight that would have been

  13. AvexLG says:

    Fuck fight

  14. Chill Warrior says:

    People like to say the Diaz brothers talk slow or studder or take a while
    to talk like to blame it on weed but they forget to realize how much
    fighters get hit in the head.

  15. inhumain says:

    what the hell was that for a press conference. It looks very unprofessional
    as if they were forced to do a press conference, as soon as they heard Dos
    Anjos pulled out. and went directly to Mc Gregor’s training camp. You can
    see he’s not wearing the usual suit but a sleeveless shirt.

  16. Diesineveryfilm Customs says:

    Why leave the crap on this video. Why not just upload the press conference

  17. Namrit Mehta says:

    The belt signifies Aldo’s face.

  18. sean thomas says:

    this is all a fuckin set up. diaz even says himself that conor knew he was
    fighting diaz 2 weeks ago!!!! like wtf no one even mentions this!!!! also
    diaz mic being turned off to try and mess with his head!!!! the ufc is
    becoming more and more unwatchable. diaz says it like it is; they called
    him. mcgregor is picking easy fights. diaz is like 6th or 7th in the
    division. if conor was training for 155 in 2 weeks, y is he choosing to
    fight diaz at 170.

  19. sregi22 says:

    The reason I feel that Conor got upset at Nate for the steroid comment, is
    because Conor is all about being real. It’s all he talks about. Being real,
    and he respects real people. He sounded like he legitimately got offended,
    because he carries his “real” image so closely. He wants to go out clean,
    and to prove something. Nate disrespected his image and Conor didn’t like
    that. I don’t believe Conor is on steroids, but of course time will tell.
    That’s just why I think Conor bit back hard.

  20. MrCaHea says:

    They brought 3 security guards only for 2 guys, usually there are non, i am
    sure they tought Nate will go insane will attack conor and conor will slap
    him like a btch