UFC 202: Tickets On-Sale Press Conference

UFC 202: Tickets On-Sale Press Conference

Watch the tickets on-sale press conference for UFC 202: Diaz vs McGregor 2 on Thursday, July 7 at 2:30pm/11:30am ETPT live from the T-Mobile Arena.

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20 Responses

  1. RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles says:

    THE REAL 200!! S A V A G E!

  2. mrno69 says:

    How is it that mcnugget hears the questions and Cholo doesnt? Is he high as
    fuck or what?

  3. The Monobrow says:

    Dana is depressed, Nate is deaf and retarded, Connor is delusional and the
    audio quality sucks.

  4. David Joyce says:

    This is the best fucking video on YouTube atm

  5. joker28666 says:

    i hope he busts that ugly irish mug

  6. TheWeasle17 says:

    Conor says that Jones and Cormier isn’t as big as him vs Diaz 2. Why did
    this video only get 35K views in 4 hours when Cormier and Jones did more
    than double that amount in a short amount of time?

  7. jurapetrosyan says:

    Diaz needs to be tested for drugs, jesus

  8. Liam Hearne says:

    They’re going to need to wash their mouths after licking eachother’s arse
    so much

  9. Shone97 says:

    I love the moment when Nate Diaz said “EVERYONE IS ON STEROIDS” , what a

  10. brokendragon1984 says:

    Nate is going to knock out mcgregor again

  11. ShitBreakiZation says:

    More people clapped for Ariel then for Nate Diaz

  12. saturdayocean says:

    Seem to remember Dana having a neck the last time I saw him.

  13. Charlie Franco says:

    why is connor the only one. who can lmao???

  14. Kevin Jones says:

    What does Conor mean when he said ”the Chinese estimate my net worth at
    4.2 billion”, and also this press conference was shit with a capital S
    there was nothing exciting about it, Nate couldn’t hear Conor said it was
    bad aswell, one thing I did notice about Conor he did say his usually trash
    talk but not really saying how he would finish Nate like last time he said
    ”end of the first round I feel” he felt Nate was to predictable and
    stuff. He always give’s a round and stuff but not this time and since the
    rematch has been announce all he say’s is i’ll right this wrong, i’ll
    avenge my lost, u’ll all see, but correct if i’m wrong but he hasn’t really
    said he’ll knock Nate out, I feel he doesn’t want to say it because he
    know’s Nate can take his shot’s and Conor is keeping his word’s soft and
    sweet because McGregor had to eat them the last time, only real way Conor
    win’s this rematch is a decision win. And any McGregor fan who take’s issue
    with this don’t try and get into a war of word’s with me because it ain’t
    gonna happen, I haven’t said any shit about Conor in this comment so try
    and make it like I did.

  15. TaheezyTV says:

    crowd goes crazy for ariel. ARIEL P4P #1 MMA REPORTER

  16. az aztekwargod says:

    surprised McGregor didn’t try n take a chicken shit swing at face off this
    time. . . .

  17. justo316 says:

    christ, get these guys a couple foldback monitors ffs instead of relying on
    them being able to hear the loudspeakers.

  18. The Bearded Turbanator says:

    Damn I didn’t even think about what Conor just said. The Main event and Co
    main event fighters weren’t even at the conference that Conor didn’t go to.
    Which cost him the spot on UFC 200. So why couldn’t they just slide Nate vs
    Conor in. SMH

  19. Abraham Alburez says:

    If conor wins I will eat my Dick. If he loses I will be very happy

  20. tenoch says:

    seriously, ban that fucking jew!