UFC 234: Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva Octagon Interviews

UFC 234: Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva Octagon Interviews

Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva both spoke inside the Octagon after their main event tilt.

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92 Responses

  1. Luke Durant says:

    Imagine if it was prime Anderson this fight would’ve been twice as good

  2. Mad Monster says:

    ‘The First Style Bender’ vs ‘The Last Style Bender’

  3. mrdanthemanfraser says:

    I think Silva would have won in his prime

    • mike rob says:

      i love people keep saying this but isreal hasnt even reached his prime yet

    • Miller Mayhem says:

      +mike rob Israel is 30, how is that not his prime? Jon jones is only 1 year older and would destroy little Izzy….Costa is only 26 and would knock his ass out

    • Toxic League says:

      Adam Collier well, it would not because silva would be more athletic and the power off the strikes that he landed in the fight would have wabbled isreal easily if he was in his prime.

    • Toxic League says:

      LMS01 Overeem has lost around 30 fights… by your logic that means he should retire, i do not agree becaue they both can still put on a show

    • Toxic League says:

      mike rob he has had over 70 kickboxing fights and is 29… does he need to be 90 years old to be in his prime???

  4. Euel Haile says:

    Would have paid TOP dollar to see both of them fight in their prime.

  5. MOON says:

    Who else thought Silva handed the victory to well deserving adesanya….Silva was entertaining ppl.. it’s his passion..he wasn’t fighting for winning…even after his corner told him not to go crazy n show off,he still did it in last 2 round….
    Yes Silva is a legend ! Respect for adesanya ….Peace✌️

  6. Rackavelli The Don says:

    Anderson has improved his English tremendously.

  7. Michael Camacho says:

    This is what you call the passing the torch


    Vejo muitos brasileiros criticando a LENDA do UFC, pq o povo é assim, no começo ele era o melhor agora todos criticam, e os anos que ele ficou com o senturao e ganhando todas as lutas, isso não conta? a maioria dos Brasileiros são ingratos, não pensa nas alegrias que esse guerreiro nos trouxe. e pra mim ele é o melhor lutador do UFC.. nunca vi até hoje ninguém lutar como ele tira onda com a cara dos adversários, faz a galera ir à loucura gritando nome dele, é um cara que fezes muitos brasileiros terem vontade e gosto de assistir o UFC, Os Brasileiros começaram a gostar desse evento mesmo quando comentavam só esse mito Andersom Silva. ele lutou como um menino ontem… ele tem é que continuar lutando, e pra quem só sabe críticar quero ver vocês chegarem na idade dele com essa disposição. bora valorizar nosso atletas e não criticar eles. parabéns Silva, pra mim você é o melhor lutador do UFC.

  9. Alexa Davidovic says:

    let him avenge his loss againts weidman for his last fight

    • king kobra says:

      Um that would be 3 losses for him. But now that weidman is older and has not been on a great ride lately he could stand a chance but no way Silva will want to fight a weakend weidman. He will want to fight the best weidman there is.

    • Caleb Smith says:

      Alexa Davidovic no bro Weidman beat him twice fair and square. No reason for a third

    • TheAntManChannel says:

      Hell no. Weidmen will Shamrock him. Three in a row xp

    • Travis Martin says:

      Fuck that, he lost the first and broke his leg in the second fight… let my dude fight Connor in Brazil. Superfight at 170

    • jakiiboi8 says:

      I say let him fight Connor and knock that soy boy out and collect a huge paycheck.

  10. SAN FRAN 415 says:

    Anderson. Silva in his prime was unstoppable . End .

  11. Mike Lowery says:

    Israel destined for greatness. People just hating on his honesty

    • ED Cooper says:

      +Underwear Taker you’re a moron.

    • jakiiboi8 says:

      +Underwear Taker Bronson was a elite level wrestler and he is bigger and stronger. Still destroyed him and controlled his wrestling. Plus his only been beating up trash cans?? This is the UFC buddy best in the world, to add to that he was a top level kick boxer who went up against world champions. Anderson even used one of them to prep for this fight. You don’t know what your talking about.

    • Westside Prod. says:

      I think Yoel would give him a really hard time

    • jakiiboi8 says:

      +Westside Prod. I do to but I don’t see him beating him at all

  12. Chad Giampapa says:

    Is it just me or did Israel send Silva out with respect?

    • ストーク・ツーリズム says:

      Trash +mullah genius

    • Miller Mayhem says:

      Hes not retiring, smh wwe casuals

    • Jay Bradley says:

      Silva isn’t finished. Which was clearly shown during this fight. Idk why people are acting as if Israel held back, he didn’t and was surely trying to finish Silva but couldnt. Alot of time was wasted by both by doing silly things in the cage and I feel Silva did that more than Israel did but both were guilty to it. I wish this would have been a 5 round fight. Idk how the 2 judges have it 3 rounds to israel. I scored the first for israel, second for silva, and third for Israel but only because Silva didn’t do much in the third like he did the second even though Israel didn’t do much either in the third like he did the first but did enough to win the round.

    • Stephen Parker Jr. says:


    • Toxic League says:

      Afro Picasso i wanted silva to knock isreal out

  13. Trev1183 says:

    Israel “I got the DVD” Adesayna

  14. FullBlooded110 says:

    Noticed Israel said Michael Jordan, and NOT LeBron James. Good man.

  15. AlexBS says:

    I cried my eyes out after this fight, so beautiful

  16. Daz H says:

    Israel – Anderson Silva 2.0
    Anderson – I LOVE YOU FOREVER ??

  17. Kip Allen says:

    Much Respect Israel Adesanya to fight your Idol.. Then Show Honor In The End..

  18. Jaren Doby says:

    It’s like Silva fought a younger version of himself! Wonderful fight

  19. Matthew9203 says:

    Lol Anderson can have a losing streak, but he never REALLY loses… he goes in there and entertains us. How can u not like him? ? ?

  20. Avangarda says:

    When i see this kind of respect and sportsmanship, my fokin heart melts …

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