UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal Octagon Interview

UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal Octagon Interview

After securing the fastest KO in UFC History, Jorge Masvidal spoke with Joe Rogan inside the Octagon.

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90 Responses

  1. Jerome Garcia says:

    This is a bad man!!!! He killed Ben and his hype at the same time.

    Ben Askren, I killed your career, boom roasted

    • Matthew G says:

      Jones Paul Why is everyone acting like a lucky flying knee was some god level fight technique? Askren made a stupid mistake, we all know Askren would’ve rag dolled Masvadal if Askren didn’t go for the stupid shot he did.

    • PLaty Mojne says:

      @Matthew G LOL, no he didn´t. He is not fighter, he is just wrestler, cant throw punches, cant kick hard, he is just boom 😉

    • Nakia Irvin says:

      3xoticG4m3r white boys keep trying lol

    • 3xoticG4m3r says:

      @Matthew G exactly! People here are acting like masvidal wouldve had a chance after the 5 beginning seconds.

  2. Jorje Santana says:

    maybe Joey Diaz gave him the “Son Of Ogun” santeria speech before the fight ??

  3. Ark1666 says:

    Puts Darren till in the matrix, put Ben Askren in his grave

  4. dazzaburger says:

    “Why the flying knee?”

    “Because he’s a bum.”

    Best response ever.

  5. John Doe says:

    Askren : Doc…. I tried everything on the market and I still have trouble sleeping .
    Doc : …. have you tried Masvidal…. ?

    • HiddenGem #27 says:

      Nearly spat out my lemon!!

    • Mike Montgomery says:

      He took to much the first time. ?

    • Shaka Brah says:

      Rupert Murdoch
      It’s like Masvidal said, why can you say all the shit you want before a fight, but if you rub it into somebody’s face after you’re automatically the bad guy?

    • Rupert Murdoch says:

      @Shaka Brah Dana White pays you more based on how much shit you talk before the fight, its essentially an unspoken part of your contract. Its like the WWE. But after the fight, especially a knock out, to continue acting like that means that’s who you really are, and you are not “acting” to sell a fight.

    • 9ine 6ix says:

      lmfaooooo LOOOOOOOOOL

  6. Cole Neuhaus says:

    Masvidal: what can I get for you today?
    Askren: I’ll take a 3 piece.
    Masividal: sorry all we have are thighs.

  7. Aduha Dx says:

    The first shameless robbery of the night and that too via a despicable early stoppage when Askren was clearly giving thumbs up ?

  8. Mistah Devious says:

    Masvidal: My momma says if you have nothing nice to say dont say nothing
    Joe: why the knee?
    Masvidal: ‘coz he’s a bum. ?????
    That wac Epic!

  9. The12p says:

    Ben Askren: I’m going to make history in the UFC.

    Me: Mission accomplished dude.


    Where all the wrestlers claiming it’s all you need in a street fight lol. Grapple a knee boys hahahaha

    • Ahmad Junaidi says:

      @Richard Nascaw fuck boxing and CTE,
      haill grappling and wrestling!

    • Doug.the.welder says:

      I like how all the turds refer to the pro fighters as “bums” any fighter that has ever fought in UFC or most any other promotion would literally end your life. Including CM Punk.

    • Nabeel Patel says:

      So you will ignore all the fights DC and Khabib have mauled pure strikers? Big names like Rumble and Mcgregor…Delighted for Gamebred…Askren had gotten annoying loud mouthing everyone.

  11. sealteam 6 says:

    Jorge was seen before the fight practicing flying knees on watermelon

  12. Anirban Mukherjee says:

    “Why a flying knee?”

    “Cause he’s a bum.”

    Promo gold. God bless Masvidal!

  13. mark defelice says:

    Hey Ben, your skill level, doesn’t come close to the size of your ego, like MAS said, theres some badass Mf’ers out there, you just met one !!

  14. Deanxcloud says:

    The Ben Asscream bandwagon is awfully quiet ? Where you geeks at?

    • WAKE UP JEFF says:

      @Conor ‘best striker in the ufc’ Mcgregor : Rapist McTapper …

    • bradley617 says:

      ricky ticky Askren trained with masvidal 10 years ago… sooo

    • Dan Grant says:

      Early stoppage…. frigen ref

    • killaJJ760 says:

      They’re quiet because he shouldn’t have beaten Lawler, knowing damn well, he was trash! lol ?
      Now he HAS, to rematch him!! LMMFAO
      PUSSY ASS!! Most wrestlers have weak chins, anyways!! Ducking bitchboys! Hahahaha

    • killaJJ760 says:

      Conor ‘best striker in the ufc’ Mcgregor: It was actually 2, if they called it, properly and Conor is TRASH!! lol ?

  15. Lirakis1 says:

    I feel bad for Ben Askren he missed the whole fight.

  16. Moritz Korndörfer says:

    He hit him with that yoel romero flying cuban missle crisis knee

  17. Migatron1 says:

    I clearly saw Masvidal tap while Ben was resting his eyes

  18. Greg Takerei says:

    Jorge knocked him out faster than it took for the ref to stop the fight. ?

  19. NWA Gustin says:

    Ben askren 2 ufc fights

    1.Nearly died
    2.Actually died
    ???? Boom Roasted

  20. Joker Toker says:

    “You guys are welcome for ending that dude!”

    And we thank you for that Jorge!

    • Moon Be Fly says:


    • plisskennn says:

      This finish was one of the most brutal in the UFC history, totally up there with Barboza killing Terry Etim.

    • slicvm says:

      Only Mexicans or Latinos think that…Masvidal is a bum just like Nate. Look at their records and then correct me.

    • Arima The Reaper says:

      @slicvm and look at the guys he fought, does that mean robbie lawler is a bum? there’s a lot to take than just records mate, people improve and in mma sometimes it takes a long time

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