UFC 242 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier (Full Fight Gracie Breakdown)

UFC 242 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier (Full Fight Gracie Breakdown)

Dustin’s TIGHT Guillotine, Khabib’s TIGHT Rear Naked Choke, and the Eagle Lock that almost ended Dana White’s life – all brought to you by the Diamondback Rashguard that creepily predicted the whole thing (volume up watch until the end)!

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90 Responses

  1. Joe Solo says:

    Ohh yeah first one here huge gracie FAN keep up the work rener love your videos

    • Brando 27 says:

      There so cool there Jiu-Jitsu wouldn’t work against khabib.

    • Joeybabbs .BABBS says:

      first of all the UFC just cut BJ the best best 155 there ever was.. number 1.. he would destroy this habib in his prime.. dont ever come this Monkey face with greatness ever again.. If Penn had his shit together even know.. he would smoke this twerp.. he has BJJ ground game and had the best stand up in the business.. I been watching UFC from day one, you think porier is good you better try again.. he has no ground game gtfo.. Maia should cut weight just to destroy this monkey.. better yet greatest of all time right meet MAIA at 170.. 41 yrs old vs 30yrs old watch Maia smoke this monkey

  2. embiid says:

    Rener adds coke to his acai

  3. Austin Whisler says:

    The dude guesses 3 different ways for the fight to be finished and claims he predicted it haha

    • Austin Whisler says:

      MAkM actually he said within 3 so he also didn’t predict the round lol

    • Austin Whisler says:

      william burgess I mean I don’t really feel called out. And yes I understand how many submissions and different ways it could end. However, if you watched Khabibs fight (only talking ones after he joined UFC) his last 12 fights have only ended in: decision, ground and pound, a kimura and a rear naked choke. Haha so he literally guessed what Khabib does every time with the exception of decision. But I was not being salty or attacking the guy. It was just a joke.. so it’s okay man. Not that serious

    • Austin Whisler says:

      Ryan I really didn’t think it would cause an argument lol. Just thought it was funny.

    • Contemporary Fighter says:


    • Beto Vargas says:

      He always does that, so annoying lol

  4. Jair Silvera says:

    Khabib: I just wanted to give Dana a big ol’ hug!



  5. Léo Wallgren says:

    We need a Certified Training Center in Stockholm please ?

  6. Ooguro Ryuura says:

    Khabib himself said that he baited the 2nd guilotine because dustin was gassed out and he wanted to punish him. The 1st guillotine was dangerous however. He said during the interview.

    • FatMan says:

      @Negative Vizion did you get raped by pennywise the clown

    • Match Box says:

      @Mohy Aldin
      صدقت أخي الحبيب
      كانت خسارة نسيم حميد ضد ماركو باريرا
      واللهم آمين وإياك ولك بمثل ما دعوت لي
      نلتقي في الانتصارات إن شاء الله
      وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

    • R m shocky says:

      Shut up

    • Tarek Noui says:

      @Ooguro Ryuura yeah I’ve heard that but I’m asking for the guillotine attempt

    • Brandon Reynolds says:

      @Negative Vizion i bet you predicted connor and dustin win. one dimensional seems to be killing all these multi dimensional black belt juitisu, stiker guys like rda and dustin

  7. Nabeel Patel says:

    Everybody has plans for Khabib until they are in the cage with him. Khabib is next level pressure.

    • Negative Vizion says:

      @Everardo Andrade i agree

    • Big Back says:

      @abeeftec Looks like you’ve got it all figured out. Why don’t you fight Khabib next and put your plan to action. As Mike Tyson said: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” in Khabibs case its when he gets a hold of you. Did you see Dustin, he thought he had prepared until Khabib grabbed him, then he felt the pressure and plan went poof.

    • You're & your, LEARN IT! says:

      @Negative Vizion Negative but a fortune teller…wow

    • Brett Regoord says:

      Vicarious Valley Gregor Gillespie bro

    • Tinky Winky says:

      Anaconda was not possible due to the cage and khabib actually went for single leg takedown not double and he immediately controlled the right leg , hence preventing full guard . I think that guillotine was unnecessary and Instead poirer should’ve survived the 3rd and tried to get a kO in last 2 rds

  8. Des says:

    *pops out of dustins guillotine*
    Nono i teach you how to do it

  9. Althea Aris says:

    Easier said than done with Khabib

  10. Bobby Sweeney says:

    That was a beautifully accurate assessment. I love the anaconda transition. Wait til Dustin sees this. Poor guy is gonna be beating his own ass.

    • Mo Problems says:

      Once he lets it go to transition Khabib could have turned his neck so it’s not guaranteed that he would have got it.

    • iatasever says:

      what these guys fail to take into consideration is that they have all day to assess the situation and formulate a counter measure while dustin only has milliseconds. not to mention he was also exhausted and hurt. i bet you if this guy in the video was in the same position as poirier he wouldve lost just the same to khabib.

    • Moh B says:

      @iatasever I think that what they forgot was that the fence might have stopped Dustin from doing the transition

    • Brandon Reynolds says:

      jujitsu is nullified most of the time in mma because of the fence, which is not accounted for in juijitsu which is done in open space – dominick cruz said this and many others. Also, it doesn’t account for strikes on the ground and many other factors that are allowed in mma.

      Superior wrestling is the unlock code for mma. Thats why we dont really see juijitsu specialist champions compared to wrestlers. Khabib has now fought blackbelt juijitsu guys like RDA and Dustin and manhandled them and all their learned technique has counted for nothing. Also many wrestling based champions like Cejudo, DC, Khabib, GSP etc. whereas juijitsu specialists like Maia and Ortega are good but not at elite championship level.

  11. Oke`t Vatizta says:

    I love this two guys on how they explained everything about the fight.. ??

  12. Shane's World says:

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to have khabibs father in his corner

  13. Sakuragi says:

    Great breakdown but u guys may not forget that Khabibs pressure is unprecedented

  14. Avery Blue says:

    His eagle behavior…???

    Very intelligent breakdown of the ground intricacies in the fight. Appreciate it!

  15. Tyler Nugent says:

    Dude don’t forget to breath when you talk?

    • Said Elbiev says:

      wtf was he talking about khabib trying to choke dana? i hope that was a joke? havent heard so much BS since a long time

    • BUZZ ROYALE says:

      @Said Elbiev check out Gracie Breakdown talk about Khabibs fight. He explains it well

    • Said Elbiev says:

      @BUZZ ROYALE does he have another video than this one? its not correct what he says in this video here, khabibs left arm wasnt above danas right arm. and that he wanted to do a choke is HIIIIIGHLY speculated. i assume that he wanted to be funny here but its not even funny.

    • BUZZ ROYALE says:

      @Said Elbiev yeah these guys are over hyping it and creating fake stories. let’s be honest, khabib is a savage but hes not dumb. He wouldnt do it even as a joke. Dana is literally in Saudi Arabia. Khabib does not need to threaten or hurt him lol

    • Said Elbiev says:

      @BUZZ ROYALE yes it completely doesnt make sense

  16. Mikeztarp says:

    I predict that Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal will end by decision, or referee stoppage due to strikes, or KO, or submission. I’m sure to be 100% correct.

  17. protozerox says:

    The best thing about Gracie breakdowns is how triggered people get by them

  18. PB P says:

    Love your breakdowns. However at 25% speed it is clear Khabib’s left arm went under Dana’s right arm. Khabib did, in fact, give Dana an over-under hug and not a choke.

  19. artnos says:

    he was up against the fence poirer doesn’t have space for that anacanda

  20. Jake O'Leary says:

    “The eagle lock that almost took Dana Whites life” ? love you guys ?

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