UFC 264: Dustin Poirier Post-fight Press Conference

UFC 264: Dustin Poirier Post-fight Press Conference

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44 Responses

  1. UPNORTHOF60 says:

    Conor just went from McGregor Fast to McGregor Cast

  2. King KeNNy Slay says:

    It’s crazy that Conor broke the foot that he threw during the press conference.

  3. Edwin Prado says:

    “The only real thing about this is the fight” Everything else is fake. Champ words.

  4. Lo Saelee says:

    Man i respect dustin for defending charles. 🙌 that interviewer was a A hole

  5. Dirt Therapy says:

    Look up the definition oh “Class” In Webster’s and you’ll find a photo of Dustin, Wonderboy and GSP.

  6. Lou.Max says:

    I always respect warriors who conduct themselves with class. Hard not to root for a guy like this.

  7. Todd Michaelsen says:

    Imagine hating this dude -lmao he’s the real deal. Class all the way.

    • August Heart says:

      @iTzLLuXe I’m talking about his fake personality not his charity lol people tend to act a different way when the camera is on. Trust me, that humble crap is only for the cameras 🎥

    • Mar.K says:

      Yes i hate this dude. I actually don’t like both of them but the man just broke his ankle and this is how you treat him and your victory? I’m talking about his little mocking conor walk at the end.

    • Cameron Johnson says:

      Man can threaten my life and make up lies about my wife that’s cool but as soon as I celebrate him getting justified karma I’m a horrible person

    • Stake Land says:

      @H.F Collectibles Who gives a crap? I’m 99% sure Dustin had something to do with that injury anyways. He won the match?

    • David Cabrera says:

      @H.F Collectibles hell nah brah he deserves to celebrate cause of that trash ass attitude McGregor has
      F that dude

  8. AroN` says:

    Khabib: “good always defeats evil” ☝️

  9. Edwin Recon says:

    Im a Conor fan and wanted to give mad props to Dustin for keeping his cool. Respect he deserves this win.

  10. Casey says:

    Man I like this guy a ton after this interview. So refreshing seeing his humility and that he is passionate about helping others. That is a purpose-driven life.

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