Ugh – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Ugh – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

who could week 7 be for???? idk
Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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88 Responses

  1. Jams3D says:

    what are the chances this is a bait and switch

    Edit: It was not.

  2. SonaDrawzStuffYT says:

    This better not be a rickroll

  3. Laughability says:

    this is a certified *EUGH* moment

  4. StickMations says:

    dunno who boyfriend is rapping against but he sounds PISSED

  5. 8leggeddoctor says:

    someone sounds like they need a frickin NAP

  6. Jared Jacuinde says:

    When the song slaps so hard it actually hurts you

  7. Wazinoka says:

    People who make songs out of voice samples are literally the worse people on planet earth
    —Jeff, the guy who’s voice samples are in this

  8. Jimmeh Rulez says:

    This sounds like a Nero’s Day At Disneyland song.

  9. KingDead 47 says:

    This guy sounds like a fan of the nostalgia critic

  10. JAMES COLLINS says:

    This has to be tankman or someone because there’s no way a rat will sound like that

  11. theloserface says:

    got a feelings the songs will be named “Ugh” “Bleh” and “Meh” got a real sassy guy coming in don’t we?

  12. The Insomniac Tepig says:

    This slapped harder than the door I ran into five minutes ago.

  13. Anygays.mp3 says:

    The “ugh” sounds like someone is absolutely disgusted

  14. Genri says:

    fun fact: ninjamufin said that this is the slowest song in the week

  15. Keir Hepburn says:

    idk what everyone else is talking about i could totally see a rat sounding like this

  16. viktør says:

    whoever bf’s battling against, they sound pissed off, this better not be a ballistic situation

  17. Filip Stępień says:

    The amount of disgust the “Ugh” signifies, shows how truly they despise bf

  18. Fran Manes says:

    This another guy sounds like W.D Gaster from Undertale.

  19. blockhead says:

    i don’t know who this guy is, but he sounds like he pulls off a real mean Smurfface…

  20. Héctor Jiménez says:

    it’s funny because that “ugh ” sounds like someone has seen a dead rat

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