Umpires Threaten to Boycott Serena Williams & Tourists Tempt Fate with a Lion | The Daily Show

Umpires Threaten to Boycott Serena Williams & Tourists Tempt Fate with a Lion | The Daily Show

Tennis umpires refute Serena Williams’s claims of sexism during her US Open match, Apple unveils its new line of iPhones, and a lion gets friendly with some tourists.

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94 Responses

  1. PowerHour says:

    I wish Trevor had actually gone into what was going on in the tennis sexism story, rather than just throw out headlines.

    • Kartik Mathur says:

      That’s because there’s literally no grounds for him to go into any details. Serena threw a hissy fit because she was getting dominated, it’s not the first time she’s done it. Her argument was literally “other people break the rules, why can’t I?”

    • xellos metallium says:

      Funny that Serena got a pass the last time this happened. Back in 2009, she loomed over a line judge Umpire shouting, “I swear to God, I’m f—ing going to take this f—ing ball and shove it down your f—ing throat.” Real sportsman like conduct there Serena.

    • Tom says:

      MsLoveLee Umpires boycott Serena Williams and you go straight to sexism and racism. What a joke. But it shows how the left thinks. Umpires travel around the world, are in touch with the players, get to know different countries. There is most likely not a less racist group of people in the world than tennis umpires. So maybe, you know, just maybe, they are doing it because she is a cunt. She verbally abused him. Just an idea, you know. Just throwing that out there.

    • Kimberly Corbett says:

      Its racism

    • Valentin Ursu says:

      This guy doesn’t care about sexism in tenis, if Serena was not black he wouldn’t be so favorable to her

  2. Jonathan Johansen says:

    who else was totally expecting a Kevin Hart joke at the end

  3. MASTER YI says:

    Serena Williams 100% wrong
    Trevor is just a fanboy defending her
    this is one of the rare times i disagree with him

    • William Cortelyou says:

      +Sami bayeh
      That is not what happened at all. Why argue if you haven’t watched the match?

    • Sami bayeh says:

      +William Cortelyou Can you stop crying little girl?

    • Deipatrous says:

      Serena is 100% right.

    • William Cortelyou says:

      +apirate namedjohn
      So,. It was sexist to give her a warning for breaking her racket after she missed an awesome shot y Osaka? What did that have to do with sexism? That was her second foul. Osaka was scored on numerous times, cause Serena is a beast on the court. But she never broke her racket. And Serena is allowed to tell the ref he was wrong and that he is being biased, but you cannot actually insult him. Why did she have to call him a thief. She’s a long time pro, she should know this!

  4. Ilma Zuberi says:

    The Umpire Strikes Back 😂😂😂 I can’t 😂😂😂

  5. reg cla says:

    Umpires boycotting a player is just unethical, that’s just gonna lead to bias in her next matches if one of those are going to arbitrate.
    Edit : seems I got it wrong, if they are going to refuse to participate in her matches as umpires then it’s their right, nothing unethical about it, but we better make sure when this story is all sorted out none of those umpires who agreed to boycott her never get to participate in her matches.

    • Justin Campbell says:

      J Park when even the lineswoman is unsure of whether or not Serena threatened her life, how can anybody else be sure of it?

      They can’t. That’s the point I’m making here.

    • J P says:

      Justin Campbell
      Yes, slander is just as bad,if in fact, people are lying. Glad at least we can both agree that her behavior wasn’t acceptable in this particular situation.

    • MrMsLoveLee says:

      +Steve Downey he also said I don’t think she can see me

    • Raymond Liang says:

      Calling him a thief and a sexist is ethical? If thats the case, then referee dont ever need to work again. Why? Simple. When the ref makes a call that you dont like, use one of a multitude things to attack the referee with. Different sex? Must be a sexist. Different race? Racist, I tell you. That doesnt work? Puff up your chest and start yelling that you’re a mother and that he is a thief.

  6. Kimani Grey-Campbell says:

    I mean who cares about the tennis things. Everyone gets mad at umpires, refs, and etc. I’ve watched people fight refs.

    • rui silva says:

      +Blackberry4life but still a rule, and rules are ment to be taken seriously.

    • Blackberry4life says:

      rui silva
      Rules are meant to be taken seriously, however this one has been broken many a time. And the penalty hasn’t been as harsh. Suddenly she does it and it’s oh so serious; as if it’s life threatening and it costing someone’s job! Please!!!! It’s stupid because it’s a rule that penalizes the player for something the coach does. Even when it’s clearly not the case. Everyone has said she couldn’t even see her coach. In many sports coaches are always within earshot or view and the team isn’t getting penalized.
      If every every tennis player isn’t gonna receive the same treatment for the same response, change the rule!

    • Seun Osewa says:

      +Tia Williams Does it matter? Her opponent was not a man, but a black-asian lady. The way men are treated has nothing to do with whether this particular game was judged fairly..

    • Future Hindsight says:

      The question is why are Pro mens players allowed to yell and scream at refs but not a black woman? Remember when white guys wanted to ban Tiger Woods because he was too good? I do!

    • - - says:

      +Damogen I dont remember who it was that covered women’s soccer I thought it was also Trevir Noah, but womens soccer in this country draws a much bigger crowd than men’s AND they win more games yet they’re treated like shit compared to the Male team.

  7. Ahmed joker says:

    Really ?! She is tennis ?!

  8. patrix azevedo says:

    Realy just because she is popular she is the best? I don’t think she is the best tennis player. The umpire was correct Henrique treat like a normal player he was imparcial, this debat about sexism is because people whanted she bem treated differently? The umpire job is be imparcial rather who you are.

    • Melany Moore says:

      Actually Sareena is one of the best athletes of all time she has consistently dominated her sport more than any other athlete in any other sport she is also an ambassador for the sport she has not always been popular she came from Compton and she and her sister were highly criticized and ostracized by many in tennis she works hard going pro at an early age and maintaining her record even though she is drug tested more than her peers ridiculed for her looks ppl get tired of turning the other cheek maybe you are tone deaf and can’t relate to her struggle but many woman can but don’t discount her hard work or her record because you haven’t taken your time to educated yourself on the truth

    • Cristina Félix says:

      patrix azevedo It’s “opinion”, not “opinian”. And “wanted”, not “whanted”.

      Just trying to help out. People that criticize other’s spelling abilities are just plain assholes. Pay them no mind. Don’t even worry about it.

    • melbatoast667 says:

      Serena is the fucking GOAT, you idiot. I love how you let your feelings take away from the fact that she is the best. No one cares what you “think.” Let’s talk about what is.

    • Jessica David says:

      +lizzy the owl thank you!! Exactly my thoughts 👏🏾

  9. Dimitri Karunaratne says:

    Sexism is penalising a female player for changing her top on court… Having bad sportsmanship and then blaming it on sexism and racism is just demeaning those movements…

    • Dimitri Karunaratne says:

      +EJ Padilla oh didn’t know you were into smelling ass.. well if that’s what turns you on go ahead without judging others fool…

    • Dimitri Karunaratne says:

      +hi to all double standard for sure… But this wasn’t one of those instances…

    • Dimitri Karunaratne says:

      +Blunt Trauma she was waring the shirt inside out so she went to the side of the court and changed it… There is no reason to be penalised… And the fact that it was wrong is shown by the fact that the organises or the American open and the world Tennis Association all put out apologies…

    • Dimitri Karunaratne says:

      +Invite The Light Readings dumbism might be you not knowing the freaking rules of the game and judging other people’s comments… Her being penalised a game didn’t just happened… First she was warned for being coached.. then first point deduction for slamming the racket and then 3rd for going on and on about it and demanding an apology and then calling the umpire a thief… And that’s then the game was deducted… Most players have the self control to control them self after the second warding.. the fact that she didn’t have that control at this instance is not the umpires fault.. watch the match and listen to what she says.. first when fighting with the umpire she goes I never cheat, I never got coaching… Then when shit hits the ceiling and the game ref comes she changed to all the men do it why are you penalising me… You can be the greatest player in the world but if you do something wrong I will call it as I see it… No sides taken…

  10. Ryan Darling says:

    I’m sorry, I just don’t understand why this could be sexist. You can’t argue that she broke her racket, her coach admitted he was coaching her from the stands… What really got me from the beginning is that her opponent is of course a woman, so racist? Maybe? (Ump just a hater?) If she was playing a man and the ump took his side that’s sexist. If the ump is holding both women to the same standard, and only one of them had outbursts, isn’t that his job? Classy move on Serena’s part at the end; she got too hot during the game but ended up being a good sport to her opponent. I feel like that speaks volumes.

    • MrMsLoveLee says:

      +Coe Hart I was thinking the same thing. Like you can only be quiet for so long before you just blow up and truth be told this kind of stuff been going on her whole career when it comes to being tooken apart. You’re not way off. You’re just a person that’s actually looking at the situation at a hole and thinking where she might be coming from. Maybe if we had more people thinking like that there won’t be people arguing so much in their own bias mindset! Now I’m not saying she was right in how she acted but was it so bad that the umpires have to boycott her like people don’t see anything strange / different about that?

    • Ryan Darling says:

      +Invite The Light Radings I should have been more sensitive in that statement; I didn’t mean any disrespect. She does appear bigger than Naomi, but you’re totally correct, Serena only has 3 lbs on Naomi. Thank you

    • k8g8s8 says:

      It is sexist because male players in male matches often do the extract same stuff and it’s not a problem when they do it.

    • Joseph Cook says:

      troy Graham tennis is mental game as well as a physical one which is why they have rules against receiving/giving coaching in the form of words or signals. Even if Serena didn’t see it, her coach did signal and was in the wrong for doing so. Serena was unknowingly in the wrong and demanded an apology from the umpire which he was not obligated to do given that he was in the right

    • Joseph Cook says:

      Paula Sampson did you watch the match, the announcers did a good job of explaining the penalties and how they stacked up. Her coach getting penalized affects her as well, it’s part of tennis that makes it a mental game as well as a physical one

  11. dafttool says:

    Serena’s story has turned into a mess in people’s minds. She is claiming sexism, not racism, yet her critics are quite often being racist in their criticisms of her. Now the editorial cartoon was about racism, & seeing how she was drawn with a bone through her nose & her African-Asian opponent was drawn as a ponytailed blonde, racism can definitely be argued.

    • adam m. says:

      dafttool While there is no bone in the nose, in the original one, I agree. What was a case for sexism, given the state of the game as stated by several other great female players in defense of Ms. Williams, critics chose to use this to create a mountain out of a mole hill.
      Not to say that America does not have its problems with racism, but this cartoon is coming from Australia.
      While the cartoon is sad, its origin is not surprising at all.
      They have the worst cases of blatant racism.

    • MrRedsjack says:

      +Isabella Modanese her opponent did dye her hair

    • M1STA X-PL01T says:

      When you blame several generations of white people for slavery and racism that they weren’t even alive to witness… yeah, they might get fucking sick of your never ending “Blacks are vicitims” argument. The rules of sports are upheld and maintained by Referees… if you don’t fucking like that, go play a different game. The entire Tennis world has been shaped around this woman but somehow she is a victim HAHAHAHAHA

    • Sergio Roche says:

      Blessing Kabari and the stereotype lives on, how else can people look at black woman when they themselves act out the part. You can’t force people to look at others the way you want them to see you. People’s actions speak louder than words and you can see this big baby throwing a fit because she got called out. Screw this victim mentality and stand by your own actions and don’t expect a pass because you’re a female or of a different race.

  12. Leo E says:

    I find it interesting how people, Serena included, demand equal treatment independently of gender, race, etc. Consequently, rules and laws should apply to everyone equally. But, when it comes to Serena, they claim that she is the goat, that “she is tennis” and should be above the rules. Does anybody see the irony in this?


    Serena is tennis, seriously? Never can a player be greater than the game that made them in the first place. If she actually was, she should have cared to abide by the rules.

    • JessesanMan says:

      I literally don’t know but three tennis players, and one of them is her sister.

    • Bree11ful says:

      KARTHIK VIGNESH for how long she has been playing tennis believe me she knows.I don’t watch the game so just wondering why did she feel this way that day?

    • RASHTG says:

      KARTHIK VIGNESH It’s a sarcastic way to say she’s the Federer of the women tennis.

    • Camille Ragland says:

      I think he means that for people who have zero knowledge about tennis, if they were asked name a person in the game they’ll immediately think of her. Same way lance Armstrong is immediately known with cycling.

  14. Jonny B says:

    She did through quite the egotistical hissy fit

  15. Balaji Prasad says:

    I had a lot of respect for Serena, this is appalling behavior by her. She fully deserves everything that came her way and I am sad she has taken this away from Osaka. She needs to learn from Venus on how to be composed during difficult times. It was not like she lost over 1 point, she was comprehensively beaten, yes she would now argue that it is not about the loss etc. but we should know it is all about that. This Ref was equally tough on all players. Nadal also had rough exchanges with this guy and was also penalized by him. Nothing to do with being a woman. Just because she was on a high to return back to winning grand slams, she took this out of context. I hope she gets over this and returns to playing like a champ, instead of crying over this.

  16. Rene Descartes says:

    Look people…. there are rules for everything, and if you want to play a game, you should follow the rules. Now, Serena is not new on this sport. She knows perfectly well the rules – and her coach too, by the way – and many times, she has been able to bend those rules, or the umpires may have gave her some leeway because she is famous, but that does not exempt her of the proper application of the rules. She was being coached – there is video of that, and her coach acknowledged it. So she received a FAIR warning. From there, it was 10000000% Serena’s fault to get punished by her antics. It’s a final!!!!! The umpire is one if the best in the game. For her to just throw a tantrum, and then accuse the umpire to be a thief, and then threaten him with not allowing him to be the umpire in any of her future matches (which is a boycott by the way), the umpire just followed the rules of the game, and Serena imploded. It’s her fault, and only her fault. Period!
    She was the one to first, insult the umpire, and then, threaten him with a boycott, so what the umpires are doing is just to retaliate her threats. Absolutely nothing to do with sexism or discrimination. She was the one being sexist against the umpire. She played the woman’s card, the mother’s card, the minority’s card, the victim’s card…. why???
    BECAUSE SHE WAS LOSING! She is a sore loser. She did something pretty similar in 2009, against Kim Clijsters, and previously against some other opponents and some other umpires. Take a look:
    Serena should be disciplined pretty hard next time that she insults or threatens someone. So stop vouching for her. She does not deserve it. This Time, Trevor is in the wrong.

    • Lee Weaver says:

      You are 100% correct. She knows the rules, and is using “sexism” to defend her reprehensible behavior. Trevor got this one wrong.
      Also, please Trevor, don’t make general statements about “white people” then immediately say that each black person should be viewed as an individual. There is much hypocrisy in that.

    • Commenting Creatively says:

      there’s a reason for the hypocrisy, white people do the same thing and often times to be “less racist” they say “well i have a black friend” does it make it right to just say racist things just because you have a black friend? no, how you and your friend act around each other is different then how you’d act in public. Now it has been explained and as i see it yes there is some wrong going on by both parties involved, how? from Serena’s position on the court there was no way she would be able to see or get any information from her coach BUT as rules state coaching isn’t allowed anyway. And the Sexist thing goes deeper than “oh well it’s Serena of course she wants special treatment,” Men in the sport have done pretty similar things to what Serena did in her outburst YET they weren’t punished the same way; that’s the Sexism being remarked and to Trevor’s discredit he doesn’t talk about similar situation in Men’s Tennis matches, but he’s doing that to play the audience, Trevor isn’t a News Anchor, he’s a Comedian, he’s going to take the side of the story he feels most connected about and spins it in his own way (whether it’s comedic or trying to be informative).

    • Ares Walker says:

      Commenting Creatively what i’ve seen about America is that there’re really are some racist issues that should be solved but you also bring up racism for a lot of things that aren’t’s as if you (black and white together) were little kids always bickering to your mother. in other nations doesn’t matter your skin color, if you were born there you’re from that nation, if you work there you’re from there, you’re integrated like could be any other white immigrate person.
      obviously stupid racists are everywhere but generally speaking racism seems to be a bigger problem in America than in Europe

    • Red Skye says:

      She did 3 outburst. And people today in America bring up Race/Sexism/whateverism to get what they want. Complain till your dreams come true.

  17. Ann Maldonado says:

    Umpires will be at all the other great women who show elite sportsmanship e.g. Naomi Osaka.

  18. PJ ski says:

    Been a massive fan of Trevor for years. But the recent seemingly endless onslaught of constant ‘race’ issues (it feels as if every second episode now focuses on race, with the default side dish of ‘white people this’ and ‘white people that’). Anyone else see the irony here in crying foul about one race being profiled… while profiling another in the same sentence? I know he means well, and I have utmost respect for Trevor. He’s brilliant, intelligent, eloquent… and funny. But the recent shift towards a seemingly endless theme of ‘black victims vs. their evil white oppressors’ is starting to get old. Yes, there are race issues – and they need their due attention. However, they are not the only issues that require attention – Trevor knows that, and I’m hoping sooner rather than later, he’ll return to top form by taking on a more balanced array of issues facing us all – wherever we may be, or whatever skin color we may have been born with.

    Suggesting that racism only affects one group, and is generally perpetrated by one group, in itself holds racist overtones. I too have faced racism on many occasions in my life.. There is a world out there, beyond America. Racism isn’t defined only as ‘whites vs. blacks’. There is also racism against immigrants (I’ve faced it). Racism against ‘gaijin’ in Japan (I’ve faced it – there are restaurants in Tokyo which to this very day have signs in front that state “Japanese Only” – I’ve come across a few in my years living there)). Racism again Poles in Germany (it was quite strong in the 80s): I faced it. Racism against mixed race couples (we faced it often). Racism we’ve faced in restaurants in Nice, France- simply for switching to English after I reached my limited French capacity while trying to order food (waiter threw expletives, turned around, and refused to serve us). I could go on. Surely, I am not equating levels of racism to how much more hostile it was (or sometimes is) towards African Americans.

    But, is there any benefit to saying “well, because one kid isn’t beaten up as badly as the other, we should completely ignore them every time they’re bullied, and act if it’s a non-issue?”

    I’d simply like to see Trevor return to a more balanced approach to world-issues, rather than those he can most relate to. He has fans of all creeds, races, and from all nations. If someone is under the impression that it’s only racism when it targets blacks in America, but not other groups (whites included) or those in other nations, then it appears they hold racist tendencies.

    Stay balanced and objective Trevor, it’s your single greatest asset (you have many). Cheers from two long time fans. 🙂

    • GaiusJuliusCaesar83 says:

      But there was no rasicm in the Match. You don’t get the point because you see rasicm everywhere. Serena made it up because she is just a bad looser. Even if Ramos punished Serena too hard, thats not a evidence of rasicm ore beeing agains woman. On the other side Serena just completly lost it and its actually her needing to say sorry. Sometimes it seems like i have to say sorry just because I’m borne as a white man. I’ve never been racist to anyone in my entire live, its not my fault when other people are. Just because I’m white, I’m not responsible.

    • Brigette Brandon says:

      So sorry for your discomfort PJ. How much attention do you feel the issue of racism is “due”. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if something is occurring more, there is more attention on it. You may be tired of hearing about racism, but we’re tired of being subjected to it. So instead of the onslaught of discussion about racism offending you, maybe you should be more offended by the onslaught of racism itself. Just a suggestion.

    • vibehigh32 says:

      PJ ski ui because Race is a problem in the world. Thanks Trevor Noah for speaking on issues that get ignored!!

  19. Bokononist says:

    I usually agree with you, Trevor, but you’re definitely completely wrong about the whole Serena deal

    • ms wpwm says:

      the issue was over, people stopped talking about it. for the umpire to then come and say he’s going to boycott her games, like who tf even cares… seems to me that someone is an attention seeker…

    • Bokononist says:

      the issue was over, people stopped talking about it. for the police to then and come say they were going to arrest him for murder… like who tf even cares… seems to me they’re just attention seekers

    • Joseph Cook says:

      It wasn’t “the umpire” who was threatening to boycott her, it was a bunch of other umpires that agreed with his rulings (which were correct) and didn’t like that Serena threatened the umpires career saying that she would make sure he would never umpire again and calling him a thief for “stealing a game” from her

  20. Ann Maldonado says:

    That specific umpire has a reputation of working ‘by the book’. At Serena’s elite level, she should have known better. With her complaining, she doesn’t represent me as a woman or the real struggles we face with real inequality with men in laboral field. We want equality so let’s not complain and throw tantrums when we are faced with the same rules across board.

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