Unboxing 10 Puzzles That You Probably Can’t Solve!

Unboxing 10 Puzzles That You Probably Can’t Solve!

10 Products That WILL Trick Your Brain! ➡ https://youtu.be/URR1fNcRZ_o
10 Products That Reveal a Secret! ➡ https://youtu.be/1PQCAOLpPTg

Join us on DOPE or NOPE today as we unbox and solve (or at least attempt to) interesting puzzles that we found online! Everyone loves a good brain teaser – and we’re going to find out how difficult each of these really are! Plus, we’ve added a challenge to it: whoever solves the most puzzles gets named ‘MASTER GURU CHAMPION OF UNBOXING’ and gets a special prize that will be revealed in a future video. Enjoy!!

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34 Responses

  1. Paige Hanson says:

    All the Banjo and Kazooie effect sounds make me so happy

  2. Nate Jones says:

    I was high watching this and i feel like everyone was high during the filming of this? Michael is never this giggly?

  3. Dane Inskeep says:

    i like the banjo kazooie puzzle “points” 🙂

  4. Wesley Cantero says:


  5. SealPoo says:

    I like how every time the camera zooms in on Matthias you see the Supreme brick. XD

  6. Hailey Cookie says:

    Tanner:go grab a family member!
    Me: grabs cat SHE IS MY FAMILY ?

  7. Liv Grace says:

    Customize yo mama
    Just customize

  8. Tabby Corn says:

    #Customizeyomama! Love you guys! Your my favorite channel! Can I get a hart

  9. Gavyn C says:

    “Customise” but the action figure cost a lot of money. My action figure was $150.

  10. Emelia Thompson says:


    They cost nothing, just making them for myself XD

  11. It’s a just a Joke says:

    Matt can I get a figure of you and can it be signed by you I know you won’t see this but it’s worth it I had a dream to meet you

  12. Crazed Programmer says:

    Customize! Im jelly of Mathias’s beard, but jealousy is a disease and i took my meds.

  13. Bailey Minnikin says:

    ( • . •)
    / > ?
    I like my burgers

  14. KawaiiKoolKat44 says:

    Customize yo mama
    Like if you want to see the video

  15. Haris Haroon says:

    17:00 play it in 0.25 playback speed

  16. Joanne Romae says:


    (does this count? lol customize!)

  17. AFK Gamers says:

    You should know only 100 people who watched this are smart
    Do u know who (read the first word)

  18. TsunekoTheNeko says:

    I can made a ball with the snake thing. In 11 seconds.

    Edit: Thanks for the likes. Wait, that was me.

  19. SuperV says:

    Matthias should be locked in a room full of fresh manufactured rubix cubes!

  20. SS S says:

    Awesome, a beautiful funny video from Dope or Nope and a satisfying 24:00 video, LIKE IT’S,PEREFCT

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