Uncensored – Key & Peele – “Game of Thrones” Recap

Uncensored – Key & Peele – “Game of Thrones” Recap

Before the premiere of “Game of Thrones” Season 5, the valets look back at the show’s most striking moments.

Watch more Key & Peele: http://on.cc.com/1GsWgOL

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20 Responses

  1. MisterWilly says:

    This is a straight to youtube clip? No season 5 yet?

  2. awesomegleek123 says:

    this makes me want to watch game of thrones

  3. Dante U says:

    I’ve never even seen game of thrones, yet this is far more entertaining
    than anything else this shit channel uploads.

  4. j2thezla says:

    the Internet was invented for Key & Peele. Thank you, Al Gore.

  5. Yo Mama says:


  6. matthew rappaport says:

    LOLolololol !!!! My fav sketch talkin bout my fav show,YO #SPOILERS

    But what about MY BOY = NED STARKz

  7. Jave Boyboy says:

    This was an actual recap

  8. Screwgo Ogleplus says:

    They stole Larry Williams’ joke! “They killed my nigga Ned!”

  9. XFourty7 says:

    Key & Peele, I know you guys probably never go on here, but man you guys
    are WAY too good for CC. I hate being subscribed to them, because every day
    there are like 15-25 videos of try hard not funny garbage on my youtube

    You guys are beyond good enough to go independent, even without the
    (massive) fanbase you guys have. I’m sure having a steady thing going as a
    comedian is a great thing to have, but man these guys hold you back! Either
    way best luck, keep up the great work, and thanks! :)

  10. boricns says:

    CRAZY spoilers!….for the 15 of you who don’t like GoT…DA F!#@$K IS

  11. Freeden says:

    Lol, that ending. “What about the Dinkles though?”

  12. KatzoCorp says:


  13. Nick S says:

    These guys are so funny.

  14. Comrade2k7 says:

    Guess i don’t need to watch a recap now

  15. Nelly Nelson says:

    LOLolololol !!!! My fav sketch talkin bout my fav show,YO #SPOILERS

    But what about MY BOY = NED STARKz

  16. chazkm says:

    Everybody dies? lol

  17. atheistfromnorway says:

    The hype is real!

  18. Bobby Moran says:

    Key and Peele should call up George R.R. himself and ask him if they can
    just shoot the rest of the story like this and instead of us waiting years,
    we will be laughing at the ending in minutes!

  19. Manticore says:

    The hound may or may not be dead…

  20. Erik Knudsen says:

    Spoilers… But awesome