Uncensored – Key & Peele – Hall of Mirrors

A detective tracks a serial killer into a hall of mirrors, where he has trouble telling what’s real and what’s a reflection.

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20 Responses

  1. Samuel Solis says:

    Old bruce lee movies have taught me to crack all the mirrors if you’re in a
    room like that in that situation

  2. Av DreamzZ says:

    Who ever watch this Subscribe Me and Follow Me On Instagram @ jaimarc

  3. cllgs creative solutions says:

    Bravo sirs.

  4. Carlo Fine says:

    This is the only time I’ve heard someone use my name Carlo as an example or
    character in a movie/tv

  5. Raymond Gordon says:

    Lol he flinched so hard every time the gun got waved in his face. And even
    after he got shot, he still kept trying to pretend he was a reflection.

  6. Gavin Tachick says:


  7. wokzilla says:

    weak ending

  8. Nathan Mitchell says:

    You are too ignorant and too liberal to talk to

  9. D-HAM says:

    lol just shoot all the mirrors! simple solution!

  10. Suyash Mehrotra says:

    So its true then, the Illuminati isreal.

  11. Adam Nash says:

    This is like a 80s cop film I’m dying to watch.Seriously, can I have a
    serious movie like this with the 80s lighting and film with it.

  12. Matthew LilCutt says:

    “Why would you shoot a broken mirror?”

    I completely lost it at the exact moment he said that. Genius.

  13. Marcus Broome says:

    That sick son of a bitch

  14. John Smith says:

    “You’re gonna cut your hand on that broken mirror” completely lost it!

  15. Colton Underwood says:

    Does no one notice that this is a spoof on a classic Bond movie?

  16. Lord Lavos says:

    Another True Detective reference. 

  17. Abbey Sladebrook-Okubadejo says:

    Hilarious!! XD

  18. gerardo perez says:

    If peele wanted he could do a good bane voice 

  19. Isaac Tercero says:

    I have to say good job writers! Bravo! Ha ha ha. I definitely love their
    non-racial material much more than the racial. I started laughing so hard
    when he caught him and I couldn’t even breathe when he shot him and the
    criminal still denied he was in pain. The squint of the eyes were perfect,

  20. Ryan Lawrence says:

    I’m gonna ask the question we’re all wondering

    Did he find the girl, or not?