UNDISPUTED – “Humiliating!” – Shannon celebrates after KD & Nets getting swept by Celtics

UNDISPUTED – “Humiliating!” – Shannon celebrates after KD & Nets getting swept by Celtics

UNDISPUTED – “Humiliating!” – Shannon celebrates after KD & Nets getting swept by Celtics

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  1. Undisputed: Skip and Shannon says:

    “Damn Kyrie & KD! Y’all are nothing without LeBron and Curry” – Stephen A.
    Celtics swept Nets, win game 4 116-112

  2. deyfw daniel says:

    Lebron missing the playoffs put all the spotlight on KD in the playoffs and now he’s getting Lebron level slander😂. It’s about time and definitely deserved.

  3. Eric G says:

    Never seen a team more in control of games and a series. It was absurd. I am thrilled as a Celtics fan.

    • Rose Amberzine says:

      The NETS were supposed to go to the Play Offs not to the Play In tournament. Kyrie missed a season of games played in Brooklyn because he refused the COVID19 Vaccine and that affected the NETS numbers. Ben Simmons was also supposed to help his team win. However, the Celtics played better than the NETS through the whole series.

    • R. R says:

      I’ve been a Celtic fan since April 25 2022 . I’m so proud of my team . We’ve been though enough

    • Jose nunez says:

      Game 2 was a choke by the nets

    • Trayvon Cannon says:

      They played such great basketball in that series it was great to watch. Even when Durant or Kyrie would take a big punch the Celtics always responded , great series to watch.

    • Ricky says:

      I’ve never seen that level of defense, especially in this era, of being able to lockdown two of the greatest scorers ever. It was amazing to see

  4. Joshua Hagad says:

    Watching Undisputed is like watching my dad and grandpa debating about sports. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Kiore Smith says:

    It feels good to finally see a player that they claim is greater than lebron get the same level of criticism.. I was getting so tired of lebrons standard being damn near impossible while everyone else get a pass or a pat on the back for something lebron been doin for 20 years

  6. JBreezyyNY says:

    “The captain went down with the ship?! BOTH OF YOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA!!” 🤣🤣🤣 Shannon on fire today

  7. Maurice Robinson says:

    This game made me truly realize how crucial free-throws are after Claxton went to the line so many times.

  8. Mackolm X says:

    I’m sitting here listening to these dudes while writing 📝 for my exam today but as soon as Skip said “I wanna show these 18 missed shots by KD” I had to start watching 🤣🤣. Shannon in the background talking bout some KD got no legs, most of the shots short… HEEELLLLLLL NAH.. he was building futures out there, most of them jawns was LONG and off the BACK INE. 🤣🤣

    S/O to everybody who got finals this week.. LETS EAT!!

  9. RJ says:

    “KD won’t have another bad game in a row”- said after games 1 2 AND 3🤣

  10. Bolo says:

    To me this series vs Celtics really showed how much they could have used Harden’s playmaking for others and his all around game to a degree even though he’s on the decline to a degree or much more, and I also find Harden handles physicality better in some ways than KD and Kyrie even though Harden is not a more efficient scorer than those 2 and Harden does play much better defense than those 2 in my opinion which he doesn’t get enough credit for but at the same time Harden quiting on the Nets especially knowing that he had a player like KD, it is a real shame but at the same time again there is still no excuse for them Nets to not get a single win in this series when they have KD and Kyrie and some of their the nets role players did their best to give KD or Kyrie a chance to close a deal to win at least one game or two but unfortunately it didn’t happened.

    Skip is absolutely right, the amount of shots KD was firing up and jacking up, he should have started that from since game 3 at least.

    And Simmonds deciding to sit out because is just pathetic, there is some players particularly superstars or stars who have played with worse injuries than what he’s dealing with and got it done.

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