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  1. Elite 5 says:

    Hell yeah yee yee

  2. Emilio Fernandez says:

    The last time I listed to Ryan was last year. It’s been so long ?

  3. Cutter luke Kirkland says:

    Awesomeness on awesomeness overlosion ?????????? 2019 the year of the one and only church man

  4. Bobby Wheaton says:

    Awwwww shiiiiiiit!! ??

    • TinkDayzeepetal says:

      Damn straight!! Ryan can throw out these hit records harder, faster & with more talent than ANY of these undeserving, spoiled, talentless, POS, millionaire/billionaire “mumble rappers” today!!❤???

  5. collyn athey says:

    “Now I’m the megladon that’s hungry for your boat!”

  6. Hunter Dressler says:

    Upchurch is the legend of country rap??

    • Collin Holbert says:

      Mini thin is hella better

    • The Adventures Of Uncle Bucky says:

      Nobody ever gives the nappy roots any credit or bubba sparxx…there definitely two of the originators of country rap

    • Michael Scott says:

      Upchurch uses trap beats, sounds completely different than jelly and struggle. Not a good comparison.

    • Dylan Shelley says:

      Jawga boyz are the real deal of country rap

    • Aitchy4skin 99 says:

      +Michael Scott was comparing was giving those guys a shout out as well why is everyone freaking out like a bunch of school kids thinking I’m trashing upchurch please can any of you tell me how my shout out about them is comparing them to upchurch

  7. Keldon Nook says:

    Love your music man keep it up!

  8. Logan Banks says:

    You killed it church!!!! ????????????????????

  9. 904 bmx says:

    Sweet potato pie and thc in my mouth? #chruchsquad #rhec

  10. Iron Storm Inc says:

    Blasting Upchurch through the stereo just to piss people off who aren’t real. Best feeling in the world. #RHEC #REDNECKNATION

  11. The Real Craig Sutton says:

    Starting the New Year off right!! Represent Ur hometown!! Keep it real Upchurch!!


      ???Sssup Craig? Gota love this RHEC-NECK rat-shit haw????

    • The Real Craig Sutton says:

      +CENTRAL CALI KNUCKLEHEAD Hell Yeah brother!! Gotta good supply of shirts!! Represent #RedneckNation


      +The Real Craig Sutton
      ???FFFUCK YEAH! ! ME TO MY favorite one is the Back Crest “RHECS-5” I’m Biker raised and it looks kinda like a biker vest. Love that thing?And,,, stickers on the back window with a Fosgate stereo system that will knock the wind out of your chest when you exhale slowly. No one will park next to me that the lights?HA!? so it leaves them back there where they can hear the CHURCH-MUSIC loud and clear with the fist-bump
      ?R H E C? sticker in their face?HA! !???

    • Tractor Nation says:

      I made a patriotic video to honor our troops if y’all wanna check it out???


      +Tractor Nation ???Great stuff! Are you referring to a particular one????

  12. Shane Garrett says:

    Keep doing you Upchurch! Love songs about home and seeing Cheatham’s finest put it on the map!

    Cheatham County HELLLLLL YEAAAAHHHH!!!!

  13. subzero 01 says:

    The heat in the room just went up 20 degrees cause this is ? Upchurch never disappoints be Blessed brother

  14. Ricky Watson says:

    This guy represents country raised patriots world wide. Goes hard, never disappoints.

  15. Baby Cee ? says:

    I woke up to watch this ? it’s 4am

  16. Theron Barnes says:

    Like I have said before skins Churchman for President 2020…

  17. Mark Webster says:

    Hey I use to work at A.O. Smith there in Ashland City lol….love this shit church keep it coming.

  18. Brittnie Rene says:

    Mr. Cheatham County!! ??? Love it!!

    • Brittnie Rene says:

      ?Heyy Happy New Year to you!!!???? I’m doing pretty good I must say. Been getting ready for this boy to come into the world. Almost there lol and hell yeah I’ve been loving this music it’s great!


      +Brittnie Rene
      ???Dang! !,,, I can’t even imagine being born to a RHEC-NECK Chick as my mom, that’s one lucky little skin-folk baby?Redneck Nation needs to start making baby and kids clothes. Reminds me of a store we used to have here at the mall, and it had little onesies for babies that said things like “MY DAD CAN KICK YOUR DAD’S ASS” or
      GOT MILK BITCH?? ?HA! !???


      +Brittnie Rene
      ???Anyway, good to hear from you, stay strong, eat intelligently. (include a little meat protein in everything you eat) and of course get that CORNBREAD?HA!
      ?WHAT’S THE DATE?If you’ve named him already don’t tell me. It’ll be good fun to toss around?
      How about Deardorff?

    • Brittnie Rene says:

      +CENTRAL CALI KNUCKLEHEAD Rightt!! I swear I thought they did have baby outfits but I’ll have to check again lol plus id have to wait till later on this year to get stuff again lol. Heck I just figured out getting health care because it got all messed up somehow. So I’m pretty happy I got that squared away today ?

    • Brittnie Rene says:

      Lmao you’re so funny!!!??
      I’m due February 23rd but I think this boy will be here this month sometime or beggining of February. Can’t really put my finger on why it’s just a feeling I got. ? I just wanna healthy baby and successful c section with no problems lol ohh and hopefully that I heal super fast lol because my 1st boy don’t understand down time ?

  19. Base412 Ball says:

    I love this song and I hope your putting the whole album on YouTube don’t stop working upchurch redneck nation. They say I sound like kid rock if he’s born in the south yea sweet potato pie and THC in my mouth

  20. Robert Scott says:

    Your papi lookin down like damn that boy got barz

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