USA Blue vs USA White – Full Game Highlights | August 9, 2019 | USA Basketball

USA Blue vs USA White – Full Game Highlights | August 9, 2019 | USA Basketball

USA Blue vs USA White – Full Game Highlights | August 9, 2019 | USA Basketball

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91 Responses

  1. Yvng Zoom Official says:

    Hoh better than ESPN no cap

  2. Suhas Pai says:

    Just beginning to realize that the draft class from 2017 is shaping up to be pretty special.
    Fox, Tatum, Kuz and DMitch are already at an all star level.

  3. James Sullivan says:

    Ready to watch this team. I’m interested

  4. Celticsfansince 07 says:

    Good to see Kemba and Tatum ballin building that chemistry early before the season.

  5. Delton Joa says:

    Who else thought of Paul George first

  6. Reginald Boyd Bugayong says:

    I like D’Aaron FOX…hi fast

  7. BeingWokeTV says:

    Mitchell will head into Stardom after leading USA to gold medal.

  8. Shuoyu chen says:

    Tatum on another level

    • -KingKill3r- says:

      I am a huge Celtics fan…. but niggas like that Danny P guy is the reason why people call Celtics fans toxic??‍♂️?You can talk basketball without coming for someone’s personal life??‍♂️?

    • Tony says:

      Y’all bum ass niggas stop arguin and watch the celtics go to work this season. well see what happens then

    • K F T says:

      @Jimmy Lopez It is, I’m just saying both Kuzma and Tatum’s play didn’t lead to much success

    • Youtube Hero says:

      Danny P holy shit why you do mad bro? You love riding tatums dick that much lol

    • Youtube Hero says:

      -KingKill3r- facts bro this nigga toxic asf for no reason. Riding tatums dick so hard

  9. Uncrowned King says:

    they disrespecting Kuzma lmfao

  10. ARR0WMANC3R says:

    Fox just crushed those fast breaks

  11. Dime10 1 says:

    Fox & Don are 2 of my favorite players. I’m hype to see them play

  12. Sam Lucas 3s says:

    Tatum and Kemba already have more chemistry than Tatum and Kyrie did??‍♂️

    • aaron berhane says:

      invalid username The only teams in the east better than the Celtics are the Bucks and Sixers

    • Peter Smith says:

      aaron berhane 2nd rd exit

    • aaron berhane says:

      Peter Smith sounds about right ??

    • noremaC says:

      Kemba is worse than Kyrie at every facet of the game, there’s a reason he’s out here with a bunch of guys that haven’t made a name for themselves yet.. Not to mention he’s almost 30 and under 6 feet. Celts are going 37-45 this season, come back in April and let me have it if I’m off by more than 7 games

    • Slightly annoyed Jets and Celtics Fan. says:

      invalid username what’s the point of hating ?

  13. Aldon Jackson says:

    Fox is nice. One of the few playing lockdown defense for USA

  14. WildCard Sports Network says:

    Seeing all this young talent compete on the world stage is going to be exciting to watch.

  15. Dhamp1 ETX903 says:

    Why is team USA in rebuild mode ?

  16. Joaquin Yap says:

    Why does Kuzma look like some Neymar+Lamelo mix? hahahahahaha???

  17. x310x310x says:

    I don’t think I ever asked myself, “who is that?” so many times than I did today

  18. SorzMusic says:

    Came here for my guy Kuz.. He didnt dissapoint

  19. Mar says:

    8:38 fox fast break only took 2 dribbles…… BRUHHHHH

  20. Fanty Thao says:

    8:38 man Fox is crazy fast and he finished with the off hand ?

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