Useless Minecraft Fact (no. 26)

Useless Minecraft Fact (no. 26)


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26 Responses

  1. Jafla_majid says:

    Why is this pinned??

  2. Cosmic says:

    What if you make an all water world, place one block, spawn an enderman and break the block?

  3. Yousifgamer 007 says:

    Him : shoots ender man

    Enderman : no u

  4. Summit Assassin says:

    Him: *shoots arrow at enderman that cant leave*
    Enderman: [il vento d’oro is now playing]

  5. Jordan Clarke says:

    Bruh hes moving so fast its not visible to the human eye hes God tier

  6. Levalorthan says:

    ” Bomb go boom make teleport ball fast.”

    Excuse me how is that useless.

  7. Wookie The Dog says:

    I disagree with the first fact being useless.The ender pearl launch mechanism is used to create ender Pearl launchers, which is one of, if not minecraft’s fastest mode of transport.

  8. Doge Senpai says:

    “Useless minecraft facts”
    *Proceeds to show a trick to make your ender pearls go further*

  9. Narwol Toons says:

    You: Shoots arrow at enderman but it can’t teleport anywhere else

    Enderman: *i’m ‘bout do what’s called a pro gamer move*

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