Usher – No Limit ft. Young Thug

Usher – No Limit ft. Young Thug

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20 Responses

  1. Ratchet says:

    give you that ghetto D, girl
    no limit

  2. Jahonna McGowan says:

    I saw my boyfriend ??????????

  3. damion floyd says:


  4. DIRTY FILMS says:

    this nigga still dancing like that ???

  5. hannermax says:

    ayyy that’s right usher rep those cavs!

  6. mondizzle quinones says:

    dopest song right now

  7. Mikayla Jackson says:

    best video I’ve seen in a minute.

  8. Tricky Tross says:

    Wow…never thought I’d say this, but Young Thug actually did a pretty good
    job on this one. I actually understood almost everything he said! LOL

  9. Aniyah Hamilton says:

    ayeee I wish I and my friend was there but we will because there’s no limit
    and we get turnt up?

  10. OverOpinionatedTV says:

    old ahh usher still movin smooth af lol

  11. ChocklatKim says:

    aww i saw kida that lil fella really can move!

  12. Mimi A. says:

    Chris Brown or Usher…..

    Who would win??

  13. Ajanae Fletcher says:

    my baby kida

  14. Cassie paul says:

    ayye Meechie and shmateo hit Dem folks

  15. mynameiskuul says:

    Ty Dolla Sign

  16. SADiQPANTi says:

    Who else replayed their fav dance moves part like the reverse drop they did

  17. ˗ˏˋ L I V ˎˊ˗ says:

    Okay usher, you gettin old but you still got moves

  18. Brian Englen says:

    who els recognised Meechie and Quan

  19. Gaza Mayson says:

    who saw Gucci Mane?

  20. Apex Universe says:

    Anyone know the kid with the Afros name