Using 6000 CPU Cores for SCIENCE – HOLY $H!T

Using 6000 CPU Cores for SCIENCE – HOLY $H!T

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We tour LIGO Hanford’s gravitational waves observatory!

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75 Responses

  1. Gordon Freeman says:

    I would be nerding so fokin hard at LIGO, most people have no idea about how amazing it is that we could detect gravitational waves.
    Not to mention that both arms also prove the curvature of the Earth since one end of the arm has to be a bit higher because they have to be straight, I wish you guys had mentioned that since that also destroys flat earthers lol.


      over 2 km you cant prove curvature… terrain is not plain fact, if u build it at a mountain the other side will be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more elevated yet doesnt mean the earth has such extreme curve…, there’s no need to convince these ppl, i will rather try to convice a cow

    • ThisNoName says:

      “Flat-earther” is something we made up to push our opponents off of PC cliff … people know earth is round since Roman days.

    • BRUHItsABunny says:

      gonna have to ignore that try at using ligo to debunk the already debunked flat earth

      but anyways what i dont get is why we would want to be able to detect gravitational waves? how will it benefit us?

      still cool tho, i just dont see the use cases

    • Krawallnoez Noezington says:

      well it certainly is amazing to be able to detect gravitational waves. The setup to do it isn’t really that much of a big deal though.

      Sure compared to the things you have at home it is impressive but it is actually quite a simple assembly by modern standards which to be fair is also quite impressive.

    • Krawallnoez Noezington says:

      +BRUHItsABunny to understand the universe. There are a lot of thigns that doesn’t matter to us at all. A lot of quantum physics and the general relativity doesn’t matter to us at all. Technically we also don’t need to know what’s going on outside of our solar system but for our understanding of the world those things are pretty damn important. There are a lot of thigns we can’t use yet but if we understand how the world truly works we might be able to find a way in there to use it.

  2. fubarboots says:

    You did not seem to ask how they compensated for the bend in the Earth?

  3. MAZON RICK says:

    Love the vid LTT, its a refreshing change however still tech based. Sensing shifts coming….

    • sykhro says:

      Considering this was released on Floatplane almost 2 months ago, nope

    • Floating Goose says:

      Can someone PLEASE copy paste my following comment.

    • Floating Goose says:

      LTT TEAM, PLEASE ; Linus, please review the Walmart Brand ONN 4k LED TV series. For reference, ONN makes 5$ headphones that regularly come broken out of the box. Now Walmart has an “ONN” Brand 50 Inch 4K Display for 240$ US. PLEASE READ ME

    • tzxazrael says:

      +Floating Goose “it’s apparently shit.” there’s your review. compare to: Walmart’s attempt at gaming pc’s: “They’re pretty shit” – official LTT review (paraphrased).

  4. Aditya Sengupta says:

    Great job, Linus and Co. This video is brilliant. It’s informative and cool at the same time. I would really appreciate if you and other tech youtubers start making more videos like this. After all tech is not just about Smartphones and Gaming rigs.

    The scientific community is where the real tech lies. Kudos.

    • zodiacfml says:

      My passions in one video. However, 0:33 LIGO doesn’t measure distance as it works with another detector in another country. It only detects a “change” in distance.

    • Dylan Kirdahy says:

      Well said!

    • Aditya Sengupta says:

      +octap79 Yeah there are, I do agree but most of them have content with a scientists’ or science enthusiasts’ perspective.

      It is nice and unique to see the perspective of the Scientific Method from the side of computer science, be it hardware or software.

    • PaperPlanesParadise says:

      So what is the end product of this billion dollar tax payers money project??? how is this project improves the life of the community?

    • MsJavaWolf says:

      +octap79 Many channels don’t have that kind of budget or the amount of viewers that LTT has. It’s nice to see a video like this as an introductory video once in a while.

  5. Dian Kurniawan says:

    *_Vitamins for your brain_*

  6. Tollieos321 says:

    I Got one for you Linus… What do you call an Singing Computer?????!!………….. A DELL. hahahhaha =)

  7. Samuel Engwall says:

    They use Debian, how unsurprising.

  8. Justin Y. says:

    This video single handedly caused global warming

  9. Pettrus Sherlock says:

    3:39 Computer running Debian, that is awesome to see they use linux 🙂

    • John Douglas says:

      they have to, no other OS is built with such large scale SMP in mind. open source is the only way it can work, but, this is pretty much the only area it CAN work like this, as science is global and beyond most politics (though politics does have an effect)

  10. Paul Critoph says:

    3:43 screen on the right running debian

  11. keco185 says:

    They’re using Debian 3:45 ?

  12. te0nani says:

    Debian. Because Windows can’t be trusted with science.

    • xWrnalp13_ says:

      teknowafel sam what if you get a window that is a vacuum with a refractive index of exactly 1

    • tzxazrael says:

      +Paul Hutcheson nah, nah, be fair. i mean i get the joke, and chuckle at it as well, but Linux will never be as “grab and go” as a basic Windows install. it does what it does, and it does it well enough to serve the vast majority of users, who simply don’t want or need to get that involved with the basic running of their computers. of course, just as equally, Linux has things it does, and there are many reasons people choose to use it instead of Windows.

      … i’m sure there must be lots of nice things to say about MacOS too, although i can’t say that i’m actually familiar with any.

    • Sean Ramey says:

      And yet, they trust Windows 7 with science: 7:42

    • Brian Pack says:

      Until one of their critical packages is declared non-free. Still salty over the Firefox/IceWeasel debacle.

    • MsJavaWolf says:

      I am not even a real scientist, but when I was in university I let a simulation run for 2 days and then I lost all the data because Windows did a forced auto update…

  13. Eric Mi says:

    11:17 : Works at a super high end scientific measuring facility
    Change the order of the displays? Nah, we can’t do that here.

    • Alexandre Loens says:

      To be fair, depending on the DE used it can be a pain.. even more if it’s not up to date. Remember that Unity was doing stupid and always considered the left-iest monitor to be the main one. And it was Ubuntu 16.04.. not too far ago.

    • Samuel says:

      +Alexandre Loens yeah but… Even if it’s hard software wise, it should be easy enough to physically swap the monitors around

    • tzxazrael says:

      +Samuel but then a different monitor becomes left-iest…

    • William Kulich says:

      +Samuel swap *one end of the cables around, haha. Tzx was right.

      As unlikely as it is, threre might be a legitimate reason for the existing arrangement… though I can’t think of one ha.

  14. 101m4n says:

    Only in america does your advanced astrophysics experiment need to be hardened against stray bullets xD

    • Link Freeman says:

      they said in the video that the plant was built on/near a popular hunting area. they didn’t say that it NEEDED to be there, but when you have a several mile long structure that, if damaged, would cost probably hundreds of thousands to fix, then you don’t want to risk it.

    • Kinch3 says:

      I went to a lecture by one of the guys leading LIGO, he had a story about a truck hitting the experiment as well. some dude forgot to turn his lights on

    • Eidetic Ex says:

      +rapidt real About 6 years ago, if you had a way to pump in a packet per frame you could achieve 10FPS for 16-30 color video (depends which blocks are in your color palette). Would probably require the super computer in this video to process all the piston motion needed to achieve that as the entire thing would have to be done with instant redstone techniques via pistons with 1 of the 20 update frames to move a display block out and 1 after it to move them in.

    • John Trussell says:

      There are way too many guns and the second amendment is horrible. Fuck the NRA also.

    • rinalin says:

      +NASH90000 yes it does the 2nd amendment states SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED therefor under no sane circumstance can it be removed or changed in such a away that it becomes useless case and point Hawaii had such strict gun control state laws that the supreme court had to step in and tell them that the laws they had were were not constitutional and forced them to undo them

  15. Petar Lončarević says:

    Ligo uses Debian. ???

  16. Alan Luna says:

    hey you can do a video about c.e.r.n and how they use caelinux and scientificlinux and the tech inside to scan higgs boson and others particles?

  17. Shinobi Engineer says:


    This should be a series . . . ??

    • Jacques .C says:

      Holy $h!t…

      Best name for this series

    • tzxazrael says:

      i mean, to be fair… it kinda IS. LTT has done a number of videos regarding scientific applications of megacomputers. some crazy monster computer at SFU (i think?), and another about a quantum computer, and why home based quantum computing isn’t in the immediate future due to needing near absolute zero temperatures required, are two that immediately spring to mind.

      also the HOLY $H!T thing is a recurring series as well (which might be overlapping with the previous videos i mentioned).

  18. NovaLegion says:

    So thats where all the ram went

  19. cappew22 says:

    hey vsauce, linus here

  20. LogicalOne says:

    This is really cool and very informative, actually more informative than any physics youtube video talking about gravitational waves out there. MORE VIDEOS OF THIS PLEASE LTT PLEASE. WE NEED TO EDUCATE PEOPLE!!!!

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