Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the minuscule risks, but some parents still question their safety. John Oliver discusses why some people may still feel uncertainty about childhood vaccinations.

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20 Responses

  1. Alina Gangura says:

    Dear scientists, please, make a vaccine that prevents stupidity! Thank you!

  2. Hosoi Archives says:

    how does this guy get on the air

  3. fmn2628 says:

    97% thumbs up, 3% thumbs down. Hopefully that is above the needed threshold to have herd immunity for all of these preventable diseases.

  4. twentytwoprod says:

    Its a kind of natural selection in a way… survival of the less stupid

  5. Shubham Machhi says:

    When did our country become so Anti-Fact? With these creationists, climate change deniers, Republicans.

  6. Theomite says:

    I have autism and whenever I hear people talk about the autism issue with vaccines, I say “So, you’d rather risk your kid being dead than autistic? Well, I’m autistic…SO NOW I GOTZ TA CUT YA. *THAT’S THE RUUUUULES!!!!* CUT YA! CUT YA!”

  7. simplyjeremy says:

    Here’s the problems I have with vaccines… I’ve seen dozens and dozens of videos of parents showing and telling the story about how their child was totally normal and then literally the day after they get a vaccine, they can’t walk anymore or something else major happens. It’s so hard to watch, but it actually happens and ruins these kids’ lives. Also, no doctor has ever explained what happens to the mercury that is in the vaccine after it gets injected into your body. Where does it go? I doesn’t go out through poop or pee. So you’ve got metal in your body that doesn’t leave your system and you don’t think that’s going to harm your body in some way? Your body wasn’t designed to have metal in it. And the other thing that drives me crazy is that if YOUR kid is vaccinated… why do you care about them bumping into MY kid that isn’t vaccinated? Shouldn’t you be totally safe if vaccines actually work? Why don’t you worry about your kid and I’ll worry about mine? You can vaccinate your kid all you want. I just have a problem with the government forcing vaccines. Do you think that I don’t have my child’s best interest at heart? It’s not that I don’t vaccinate because I don’t care, it’s because I DO care.

  8. hennie Alcantara says:

    Americans, you are a great nation, why are you destroying yourselves?

  9. GrafAlexus says:

    Like What the Fuck, USA? In Germany, I don’t know anyone even arguing about getting vaccinated whatsoever. It is as normal to us as taking a shit.

  10. Thesaurus Rex says:

    As an autistic person, my parents freaked out and worried a lot when they found out about the potential “link” between autism and vaccines. To which I responded:
    A. Dad, you are also autistic. That’s where I got it from. Not the medicine that saves people’s lives.
    B. I’m honestly happy to be autistic. It lets me see the world in a way that not many people can, and it’s beautiful.
    C. I’d much rather be autistic than dead, and I’m pretty sure that most people would agree. Individuals with high functioning autism can lead full and happy lives. Individuals who get these illnesses that we vaccinate for can be crippled for life, if not killed by those illnesses. I understand that low functioning autism is a whole different beast, but I’m betting that most of them still want to live, and, if not, there are ways to end their lives that don’t put other people at risk.
    And, after much investigation, D. The scientific community agrees as universally as is possible that there is no link.

    I think that many parents who have grown up themselves in a vaccinated society, without the plagues that have devastated populations throughout history, think that those plagues entail a light fever, a stuffy nose, and a few days outside of school, since that’s all they’ve ever experienced (or at least, all that they remember). The life-threatening reality of those illnesses is so distant that they cannot comprehend it, unless something like what happened in Minnesota happens to them, and then it becomes all too real. They don’t understand the deadly risk of these illnesses, and so “autism” (a condition that can be very difficult to understand) seems much scarier than something with a cute name like “measles”, even though Autism, even in extreme cases, very rarely leads to serious injury or death, while measles can easily have serious and permanent complications. But the best part is, they don’t even need to make a choice, since *vaccines don’t cause autism.*

  11. Sasha galkina says:

    thank you for medical advise from comedian I feel relieved, eat veggies and fruits

  12. Santiago Marin says:

    sandniggers should go back to islam and vaccines cause autism. that’s the 2 facts of god. god bless america.

  13. ReyhanSamitAlchemist says:

    Robert de Niro announced in february he’d offer 100k$ to whoever proves that the anti-measles vaccine is safe. He’s still waiting.

    BTW, a court in Luxembourg just acknowledged the link between hepatitis vaccine and sclerosis. I guess it all comes down to who you want to believe.

  14. IKeepBadCompany says:

    I’m an extremely far-right person, and even I think vaccines are good and important. Don’t let stupid people on either political spectrum cause you or your children to get sick and/or die.

  15. gill426 says:

    Okay but I’m with Trump on the dose though. Here in Germany you now have those giant “Kombi-Impfungen” where this little child is getting vaccines against 5 or more diseases all at once and that just isn’t right. I would never do that to my child. Trump is obviously not good with words but I guess that’s what he meant. He didn’t mean to say “Don’t vaccinate your children.” (at least that’s what I hope) but believe it or not, if this man sees his child, he loves it too and wants to protect it. So I myself would say too, give the child’s immune system some time to adjust to and deal with all the challenges and give it one after the other. I don’t think that’s controversial.

  16. Meditation selbstwärts says:

    I am German but I am beginning to understand: Freedom of speech also means, that I can get medical advice from a comedy show. Thanks for the lessons and thanks for the lesson.

  17. My Thoughts says:

    I was hoping to see some arguments against the anti-vaccine groups, some studies that debunk those theories but there was nothing, it was the usual crap going after the people and their character rather their arguments.

    Now I don’t know if they cause autism or not but let’s assume there is a 0.1% chance it does , 0.1% is pretty safe right?
    Now in AMERICA we have the law of large numbers, meaning even things that have a small probability will happen , that means that 300K children (the 0.1%) will develop autism.

    Now the question is
    do we put at risk 99.9% of the population for those 0.1% of the children that will have averse effects?

    So if the assumption is true there is no politician in their right mind that will come out and say 300K children will have to suffer so that the others won’t have to.
    And would you risk informing the public that the vaccines have a rate of failure of 0.1%….
    no government in their right mind would do that.

    It is impossible in this world to do something that is 100% safe or good, there is a YIN AND A YANG

    Now the democrats/liberals can’t make that argument because they want equality and safety for everyone, not even republicans can come out and say 300K of you have to die for the safety of the majority, it would be political suicide, so everyone tippy toes around the issue.

    Now logic says that vaccines are not 100% safe, some kids (0.1%) will die and some will get autism but it is the best we got to protect the other 99.9% of the population, that is the truth do you like it, do you think it is fair , NO NO NO, but no one has the guts to say it.

    If you have an ounce of brain you know there is a risk with every medical procedure, even just the act of sticking a needle in your body even it is not a vaccine it can cause Air embolism and you can die.
    Yes the risk is very small but if enough people get an injection some will have to die , it is the law of large numbers, no matter how small the probability of something happening is it will happen if enough people do it.

  18. Rebeca Gonçaves says:


  19. Chris 000 Gomez says:

    isn’t the dolphin smartest animal in the ocean .. are they considered fish? I’m to high to do the reaserch!

  20. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    You know what hurts more than the prick of a vaccine needle? Polio.

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